Wiesenthal Center’s “Operation: Last Chance” Public Ad Campaign Wins Silver Medal in Romania

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s public ad campaign for its “Operation: Last Chance” project, which offers financial rewards for information which will lead to the conviction and punishment of Nazi war criminals, has been awarded a silver medal as one of the most outstanding publicity campaigns in Romania during the past year.

The medal, which was awarded in Bucharest last month to Tempo Advertising, the company which conceived and executed the campaign on a pro bono basis, together with the director of the Center’s Israel office Dr. Efraim Zuroff represented the decision of a jury of seventeen public relations experts from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

In all, a total of fifty-five projects were submitted for consideration by the jury. The Center’s TV ad was screened at the gala award dinner and the “Operation: Last Chance” campaign was acclaimed as a unique project which sought to preserve the memory of the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust for those who lived through that period as well as for those who can only learn about it from books.

Dr. Efraim Zuroff expressed the Center’s special thanks to Tempo Advertising president Dragos Grigoriu and to corporate manager Eliza Rogalski for their support, creativity and professional excellence which contributed so much to the success of the “Operation: Last Chance” ad campaign in Romania. “Thanks to Tempo advertising the Center was able to reach millions of Romanians and help educate them about the tragedy of Romanian Jewry during the Holocaust, for which we express our deepest gratitude.”

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