Wiesenthal Center’s Chief Nazi-Hunter Efraim Zuroff: “The Search For ‘Dr. Death’ (Aribert Heim) Continues; Prize Offered Stands At 310,000 Euros”

Jerusalem-The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi-hunter, Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff, today dismissed as “pure fantasy” the claims by former Israeli colonel Danny Baz that he had participated in the early eighties in the execution in the United States of notorious Nazi war criminal Dr. Aribert Heim (“Dr.Death”), who is wanted for the murder of hundreds of inmates of the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Baz makes his claims in a book scheduled for publication in France this week under the title Ni oubli, ni pardon; la traque du dernier Nazi [Not Forgotten or Forgiven; On the trail of the last Nazi].

“There is ample evidence that clearly shows that Dr. Heim was alive long after he was supposedly executed by the Owl commando group whose story Baz recounts in his autobiographical memoir. In fact, there is every indication that he is still alive today, and for that reason, the search for his whereabouts continues.

At the moment, there is a prize of 310,000 euros being offered for information which will lead to his arrest and prosecution by the German government (130,000 euros), the Simon Wiesenthal Center (130,000 euros), and the Austrian government (50,000 euros). While Baz’s book is clearly worthless from a historical perspective, perhaps his claims will ironically assist in the case by refocusing public attention on the Wiesenthal Center’s number two most wanted Nazi war criminal and the prize being offered for information which will facilitate his capture and prosecution.” said Zuroff.

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