Wiesenthal Center Submits List of Suspected Nazis Who Escaped To Egypt To Egyptian Embassy In Tel-Aviv And Asks For Assistance In Investigating Fate of Most-Wanted Criminal Dr. Aribert Heim

Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center announced today that it had submitted a list of 29 escaped Nazi war criminals, who according to Simon Wiesenthal were reported to have found refuge in Egypt, to the Egyptian Embassy in Tel-Aviv along with a request for help in clarifying the fate of most-wanted Holocaust perpetrator Dr. Aribert Heim, who according to recent revelations by the New York Times and German television Channel 2 [ZDF] died in Cairo in August 1992.

The list of Nazis who reportedly had found refuge in Egypt was compiled by Wiesenthal in 1967 and includes the names of such prominent Nazi war criminals as Eichmann operatives Alois Brunner (who later moved to Syria) and Franz Abromeit; Sobibor death camp deputy commandant Gustav Franz Wagner (who later committed suicide following his arrest in Brazil); Katowice [Poland] Gestapo chief Dr. Rudolf Mildner and Janowska camp commander Friedrich Warzok. Many of the escaped Nazis converted to Islam and their Moslem names appear on the list.

According to its chief Nazi-hunter, Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff, “the Center hopes first and foremost to be able, with the help of the Egyptian authorities, to conclusively verify whether most-wanted Holocaust perpetrator Dr. Aribert Heim indeed died in Egypt. The corroboration of the information regarding additional Nazi war criminals who escaped to Egypt is of great historical significance, but unlikely to lead to any new prosecutions.”

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