Wiesenthal Center: Time for Legal Maneuvering by Zentai to End So That Justice Can Finally Be Achieved

Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center welcomes today’s decision by Justice John Gilmour to reject yet another appeal by accused Holocaust perpetrator Charles Zentai against his extradition to Hungary to stand trial for the murder of 18 year Jewish teenager Peter Balazs. In a statement issued today in Jerusalem by its chief Nazi hunter Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center called upon the Australian judicial authorities to help achieve justice by putting an end to the repeated technical appeals launched by Zentai which are purely a diversionary tactic to prevent his trial in Hungary.

 According to Zuroff:

“Seven months ago, Perth Magistrate Barbara Lane described Zentai’s claim that the murder of Balazs was not a war crime when it was committed as “misconceived and quite misleading.” Justice Gilmour today affirmed that decision and ruled as well that the charge against Zentai is a war crime. It is high time that he be tried in a court of law so that justice can finally be achieved. The memory of Peter Balazs and the incredible pain of his family deserve no less.”

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