Jewish population prior to the Holocaust 566,000 (1933)
Jews murdered in the Holocaust 140,000
Operation Last Chance launched January 26, 2005 in Berlin

US deports 95-year-old ex-Nazi concentration camp guard to Germany
The Times of Israel
February 20, 2021 (News)

Los alemanes tienen razón en perseguir a antiguos criminales de guerra nazis de 100 años
Efraim Zuroff, Infobae
February 18, 2021 (Writings)

Germans are right to pursue 100-year-old former-Nazi war criminals
Efraim Zuroff, The Irish Times
February 18, 2021 (Writings)

Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Recent Indictments in Germany of Concentration Camp Operatives in Stutthof and Sachsenhausen
February 9, 2021 (PR)

100-jähriger früherer KZ-Wachmann angeklagt
Julian Feldmann, tagesschau
February 8, 2021 (News)

Former German camp guard pleads case to avoid deportation, stay in East TN
John North, WBIR
February 8, 2021 (News)

Nazi secretary at Stutthof camp charged for role in 10,000 murders
Aaron Reich, The Jerusalem Post
February 7, 2021 (News)

Woman, 95, Indicted on 10,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder in Nazi Camp
Christopher F. Schuetze, The New York Times
February 5, 2021 (News)

Ex-Sekretärin des KZ Stutthof wegen Beihilfe zum Mord in zehntausend Fällen angeklagt
February 5, 2021 (News)

Female Nazi concentration camp secretary charged with complicity in 10,000 murders in Germany
Nadine Schmidt, CNN
February 5, 2021 (News)

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