Jewish population prior to the Holocaust 168,000 (1939)
220,000 (1941)
Jews murdered in the Holocaust 212,000
Operation Last Chance Launched July 8, 2002 in Vilnius

Wiesenthal Center Israel Director Leads Protest Vigil at Lithuanian Neo-Nazi/Extreme Right March
March 11, 2014 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Criticizes Latest Effort by Lithuanian Genocide Center to Minimize Lithuanian Complicity in Holocaust Murders
October 30, 2013 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon Lithuanian Authorities To Ban Neo-Nazi Marches To Mark Independence Day Scheduled For Tomorrow In Kaunas and On March 11 In Vilnius
February 15, 2013 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Condemns Decision to Rebury Lithuanian World War II Pro- Nazi Leader With Full Honors on May 17
May 3, 2012 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Denounces Neo-Nazi March In Center of Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania
February 19, 2012 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: EU Ambassador Ušackes’ Reply Only Further Insults Holocaust Victims in Lithuania
January 9, 2012 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon Lithuanian EU Ambassador to Afghanistan Ušackas to Apologize for Grossly Insensitive Comments On Nazi Occupation of Lithuania
January 2, 2012 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Praises Yad Vashem Decision To Cancel Participation of Lithuanian Ambassador and Minister in Tomorrow’s Memorial For Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust Victims
September 18, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center To Lithuanian Authorities: Desecration of Ponar Memorial To Shoa Victims Is Directly Related To Government Efforts To Minimize Local Complicity In Holocaust Crimes
July 12, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: On Seventieth Anniversary of Nazi Invasion, “Lithuanian Activist Front” Should Be Denounced, Not Glorified
June 22, 2011 (PR)

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