May 31, 2015 07:36
Nazi war criminals received over $20mn in US social security benefits - report

Over 130 suspected Nazi war criminals and collaborators received $20.2 million in benefits from the US Social Security Administration, according to the US inspector general of social security.

Following an Associated Press investigation last year that unearthed the fact that former Nazi war criminal had been getting US social benefits for years, the Social Security Administration's inspector general launched an investigation of its own. Results of the inspector general’s seven-month probe will be presented to the public next week, but AP has already got hold of the findings.

The report says that no less than 133 alleged and confirmed Nazi criminals, such as SS guards, and other Third Reich’s collaborators, collected $20.2 million in retirement benefits from the US government after WWII.

The report that shows in detail how many Nazi suspects received benefits, doesn’t specify any names.

It criticizes the Social Security Administration for not suspending in time benefits to four beneficiaries, totaling $15,658.

US Congress finally passed a legislation closing the loophole, with President Barack Obama signing the bill into law in December 2014, practically 70 years after WWII finished.