October 08, 2009 10:04h javno.com
Monument to Pavelic is a product of a sick mind

Efraim Zuroff believes that the head of the Croatian Culture Movement (CCM) has nothing to fear, but he still claims that his ideas are sick

Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem rejected the allegations raised by Tomislav Dragun, president of the Croatian Culture Movement, who has recently requested from Tomislav Karamarko to protect him from the Jewish Nazi hunter and the head of the Center, Efraim Zuroff.

Simon Wiesenthala Center explains how this panic is ridiculous, but the center still holds that raising the monument to Ante Pavelic in Zagreb is a ‘product of sick mind’.

Zuroff said in a statement that anyone who seeks the proof that Dragun and his movement have lost the connection with reality, should look at the charges that Dragun spreads in the media.

This is shameful for Croatian society as a whole

Such unfounded allegations, Zuroff said, 'clearly show that the extreme right in Croatia, promotes the worst kind of sick fantasies’.

- If anyone needs to be protected, it’s the rest of the Croatian society, which should be spared the inconvenience since Dragun and his CCM in no way represent the Republic of Croatia - statement says.

The Jerusalem center, which has more than 400 thousand members, sent a note to Croatia in a statement in which they hope that the Croats will stop the mindless idea of raising the monument to Ante Pavelic. Such a monument, they believe, would be an insult to all the murdered civilians from the ranks of Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascists.