December 04, 2009

“The debate on the number of victims in the infamous concentration camp of Jasenovac, in the Independent State of Croatia, must come to an end”, Director of the “Simon Wiesenthal” Center Ephraim Zuroff told the POLITIKA daily. He suggests the establishing of an expert international commission that would be given access to all the archive documents and historical data. With forensic help there could be some objective estimation on the true extent of liquidations in the Jasenovac camp. “If we wish to find the truth about the crimes in WWII, then we cannot tolerate the assumptions about the victims. The difference between 50 and 700 thousand is so incredible that it cannot be included in serious historical facts. Skeletons in the closet will not be put to rest as long as there are speculations about the number of victims. As time passes by, it is increasingly more difficult to reach a conclusion on a thing so horrifying as the biggest concentration camp in the Balkans. Once again, the politics are interfering with justice, and also with history. The conclusion would have to be recognized by both sides, Serbian and Croatian. Only then the necessary process of healing the wounds can begin”, says Zuroff. He revealed exclusively for the POLITIKA that the investigation is under way against former Nazi soldiers who are living freely in the Balkans. “We are investigating one Nazi officer of mid-rank, who lives in Croatia. Due to the nature of the task, I cannot say anything more. It is not a person who had lived in the Latin America, and I cannot reveal whether it is male of female”, explained Zuroff.