August 5, 2012
Countdown to the big comeback of fascist salute in Europe

Famous singer greets the crowd 70,000 strong with a fascist salute at a national holiday celebration in Croatia - a soon-to-be EU member.

Croatia is a soon to be European Union member state. It celebrates its national holiday on the 5th August, the anniversary of military operation “Storm” in 1995.

During the operation Storm, the territory controlled by local Serbs was conquered, or liberated, depending on the point of view.

What should not depend on the point of view is the respect for the victims: more than 200,000 Serbs forced out from their homes, and up to 2000 killed. It is said to be the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe since WWII.

While Croatian top state officials gather at the official celebration in Knin, large crowd attends the concert given at Čavoglave.

The main star and the host of the event is Marko Perković Thompson. The most famous Croatian singer is also infamous for celebrating the Holocaust at Jasenovac, presumably the most brutal death camp of WWII, in his songs.

Fascist symbols are traditionally displayed at the event. Although Police stated that there would be a “zero tolerance” for symbols inciting hatred, this year was no different.

Thompson himself used the Ustasha Nazi Salute to greet the crowd, which responded with one voice: “Za dom - spremni!” (For homeland - ready, the equivalent of “Sieg Heil”).

On a wave of antiserbism, something otherwise unthinkable has become a reality. Countdown to the big comeback of fascist salute in Europe has begun.

If the European integration of Croatia is carried out as planned, on August 5, 2013, tens of thousands will chant fascist salute in European Union.

Unless we fight it! Serbs weren't the only victims of Ustasha Nazi genocide. We call upon Jewish organizations, Holocaust memorial organizations, and all antifascists to join us in our protest.