August 1, 2013‏
Celebrating Holocaust and Operation Storm

Exactly a month ago, Croatia has joined the EU, and is now preparing to celebrate its national Holiday on August 5, the day of victory in the Operation "Storm".

The military operation was also the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe since the WWII, driving more than 200.000 Serbs out of their ancestral homes and killing 2000.

Marko Perkovic, nicknamed Thompson after the rifle he carried during the fighting, is infamous for celebrating (yes, not denying, but celebrating!) the Holocaust in Jasenovac and Stara Gradiska Death Camps.

According to the Encyclopedia of Holocaust, "Some six hundred thousand people were murdered at Jasenovac, mostly Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and opponents of the Ustaše regime."

In his book "Operation Last Chance", the last Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff describes his battle against Thompson (2009, page 149):

In June 2007, Marko Perkovic, known as Thompson, the most popular Croatian singer, gave a gigantic concert in Maksmir Stadium in Zagreb before of an audience of 50,000. Among the crowd, numerous spectators were wearing Ustasha uniforms and sporting their symbols, and others gave the fascist salute. Two years earlier, Perkovic, an ultra-nationalist, had sung a song called “Jasenovac-Stara Gradiška,” the name of the women’s camp at Jasenovac, which called for all the Serbs to be sent to camps and then killed. My protest to President Mesic set off a wave of complaints by nationalists who defended Perkovic, claiming that he was simply a Croatian patriot who loved his country and his people.

Will European Union tolerate the celebration of Ethnic Cleansing and Holocaust? Will the last Nazi hunter lose this last battle?‏