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Suri väliseestlasest businessman Harry Männil
Editorial Martti Kass

Died Monday in the capital city of San José, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and large enterprise väliseestlastest a majandussõprade club president Harry Männil wrote Maaleht.

Männil died at the age of 89 had their lives more integrated ERP & CRM leadership of Venezuela and lived there since 1946. onwards. Estonia left the Gustav Adolf Gymnasium and University alumnus Männil 1943rd year.

Männil Edgar Savisaar was prime minister at the time of being put together influential väliseestlaste of Trustees, also known as the Prime Minister majandussõprade club. Männil was club president in 1990 - 1992.

Kunstikogujana founded Männil Estonia estampgraafika enhancement created by Eduard Wiiralti graafikaauhinna. He was also one of the largest private collection of art of the pre-Columbus-owner in Venezuela.

1998th Lens, published in the Journal Article "How to become a successful" Männil wrote: "My philosophical idea of how to achieve success or self-satisfaction, is simple:" to awaken in the morning to take up the will to carry out full of it, whatever you have planned the day and starting to feel the idea of pure satisfaction . 'This is for my success. "

Wiesentali Center during the German occupation has accused the German julgeolekuasutuses worked Männilit juudivastastes war, but a long investigation showed that väliseestlasel does not lie veresüüd.

Männil then also intervened to protect a number of opinion leaders at the head of Estonia Jüri Pihl and Laariga Mart.