08. 03. 2015 jpost.com
An alarm bell in Estonia
I went to Estonia to protest and monitor the march as part of a project to document and assess four neo-Nazi/ultra-nationalist marches which are taking place in a span of less than 30 day. more...

15. 02. 2015 i24news.tv
Four Baltic marches, one dangerous racist trend

This coming week will see the opening of what I refer to as "Baltic Neo-Nazi/Ultranationalist March Month." Within exactly 29 days, four such marches will take place in the capital cities of the Baltic European Union members - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. more...

18.12.2012 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Estonia's severe case of Holocaust amnesia
The visit to Israel of a foreign prime minister used to be a big deal. more...

31.01.2012 algemeiner.com
The Waffen-SS as Freedom Fighters
Despised and ostracized, the Swedish community of Waffen-SS volunteers long gathered in secrecy on “The Day of the Fallen,” for obscure ritualistic annual gatherings at a cemetery in a Stockholm suburb. more...

11.01.2012 taz.de
"Struktur aus Blut"
Estlands SS-Division war nicht direkt am Holocaust beteiligt. Ihre Mitglieder schon. more...

19. 08. 2011 aporrea.org
Estonia y los Neonazis
El septuagésimo aniversario de la invasión alemana a la Unión Soviética, se convirtió en Estonia en un evento muy notorio sobretodo debido a los nacionalistas de línea dura y a los neonazis, quienes tan pronto llegó el 22 de junio empezaron a celebrar el aniversario de la invasión de las tropas hitlerianas a diferentes pueblos de Estonia. more...

08. 05. 2011 Ha-Aretz "Books" supplement
The equivalency canard
In this bold attempt to reframe a critical period in modern Eastern European history, Yale historian Tim Snyder redraws historical boundaries to create an artificial geographic entity that he dubs “the Bloodlands,” taking in the area from central Poland to western Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. more...

11.01.11 balticworlds.com
Writing history politically.
A safe haven for war criminals?
The tension among politics, justice, and history lies at the heart of the recent book Purgatorium by the Swedish historian Mats Deland. Even though Sweden was formally neutral throughout World War II, it was still intimately drawn into many aspects of the conflict. more..

July 7, 2010 Mishpacha
Holocaust Distortion in Jerusalem
Needed: Holistic Approach to Anti-Semitism

02. 07. 2010 haaretz.com
יוסי מלמן | מעוות השואה מאסטוניה
בבית התלוי אין מזכירים חבל. אך לתומאס הנדריק אילבס, נשיא אסטוניה, שביקר השבוע בישראל, יש החוצפה לומר בגלוי דברים מפורשים ומעוותים ועוד במשכן נשיאי ישראל. שני העמים, היהודי והאסטוני, כך אמר, "שותפים לאותו ניסיון היסטורי".

02. 07. 2010 haaretz.com
The Holocaust distorter from Estonia
According to the Estonian president's distorted logic, the Jewish victims who were murdered by the Estonians during the Holocaust, and the Estonian hangmen who annihilated the Jews, are "partners." more...

16. 01. 2010 jpost.com
One who got away
Last week, suspected Estonian Nazi war criminal Harry Mannil died unprosecuted in San Jose, Costa Rica at the age of 89.
Mannil, who served for the first year of the Nazi occupation in the Estonian Political Police in Tallinn - which was responsible for the arrest and murder of numerous Jews and communists - was ranked No. 10 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's most recent "Most Wanted" list. more...

09. 09. 2009 guardian.co.uk
This rewriting of history is spreading Europe's poison
Through decades of British commemorations and coverage of the second world war – from Dunkirk to D-day – there has never been any doubt about who started it. more...

20. 07. 2009 kloty.blogspot.com
Gemeinsamer Tag des Gedenkens an Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus?
Obwohl es schwer zu glauben ist, ist es durchaus möglich, dass in einigen Jahren in Europa es keinen eigenen Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Holocausts geben wird. Stattdessen werden die Europäer den 23. August im Kalender ankreiden als Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus. more...



В Восточной Европе не воспринимают Холокост адекватно
Из выступления Эфраима Зуроффа, руководителя иерусалимского отделения Центра Симона Визенталя на круглом столе "Латвия, Литва, Эстония, Украина, Хорватия, Австрия: попытки героизации нацизма", 30 октября 2007 года: more...

14.08.2007 debatepolitics.com
Do you hear something about a certain Harry Mannil?

Do you hear something about a certain Harry Mannil, who helped the Estonian Political Police fulfilling Nazi orders during WWII? Due to E. Zuroff’s materials, appeared in In-net (www.operationlastchange.org/writings_29.htm) and based on the conclusions of the International Commission, investigated crimes in Estonia during Nazi occupation, this Nazi collaborator has not been put on trial yet. more...

30.06.2007 nacion.com
"Half-truths and distortions of facts"

Harry Mannil presented the readers of La Nacion with a very rosy picture of his biography, one designed to convince readers that he truly was “an honorable businessman.” Unfortunately, Mannil’s version of his life is full of half-truths and distortions of the facts that he does not want Costa Ricans to know.. more...

30.06.2007 nacion.com
Medias verdades y distorsiones de hechos

Harry Mannil ha presentado a los lectores de La Nación una visión muy halagüeña de su biografía, una que podría convencer a los lectores de que era realmente un honrado empresario. Por desgracia, la versión que Mannil ofrece de su vida está llena de medias verdades y distorsiones de hechos que no quiere que los costarricenses conozcan. more...

3.06.2007 nacion.com
I am an Honorable Businessman
La Nación published a series of worn and false allegations directed against me by Mr. Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem. It is fair and necessary that I clarify the facts and describe the persecution I have been subjected to in the past 13 years. more...

3.06.2007 nacion.com
Soy un empresario honorable
La Nación recogió gastadas y falsas imputaciones hechas contra mí por el Sr. Efraim Zuroff, Director del Centro Wiesenthal en Jerusalén. Es justo y necesario aclarar los hechos y describir la persecución de que soy blanco desde hace 13 años. more...

The struggle over Estonia's history
Last weekend's large-scale riots in Estonia in which one demonstrator was killed, over 100 people were injured, and more than 1,000 detained in response to the government's decision to remove a Soviet-era monument commemorating the victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany from downtown Tallinn to a remote location, were hardly surprising. more...

February 2003 Stormfront White Nationalist Community
Efraim Zuroff is starting to piss me off
I'm glad that Estonian publishers still refuse his request to make ads promising $10000 to anyone who gives information about people who helped kill jews. Seems that this has never been brouht up in this forum, so I paste a little article that Zuroff wrote, so those who don't know what he is doing can get a grasp (I take this as a personal insult). more...

17.09.2002 EESTI ELU
Comment: Responding to Zuroff
In July, Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Jerusalem Office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, made waves in the Baltics by offering a $10,000 (US) reward for information leading to the trial and conviction of any Nazi war criminal that had operated in the Baltic States during WWII. Unspoken, but assumed was that Zuroff’s offer pertained to alleged war criminals of Baltic heritage, not German nationals — officers, commanders or conscripts — that might have perpetrated war crimes. more...

08.08.2002 Eesti Paevaleht
Dr. Efraim Zuroff online
Don’t you think that accusing Estonians has an opposite effect – tolerant people become against Jews?

So what are you suggesting, that we ignore the crimes committed by Estonians during the Holocaust? That is hardly any way to have normal relations. The only way to have a healthy relationship is if these crimes are acknowledged and the guilty brought to trial. In that respect, contrary to the press reports, I NEVER accused all Estonians of crimes against Jews. There are some who are guilty and they should be put on trial and punished. more...

5.08.2002 Eesti Paevaleht
Efraim's Love and Hates
The well-known Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff has the same effect on Estonia as a red rag on a raging bull. In his Nazi hunting mere is love but also hate. All the discussions with him have foiled from the very beginning. more...

1-7.08. 2002 THE BALTIC TIMES


Nazi-hunter May Clash with Estonian Advertising Law
The plan of the head of the Jerusalem office of the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center to advertise the center's new campaign to bring Nazi war criminals to justice in the Estonian press may conflict with the advertising law...

In words of advertising expert Kaur Hanson from the advertising company "Zoom", 'Instigation of hatred and inter-ethnic hostility may lead to criminal charge under Estonian laws'. Hanson says. That's exactly what Zuroff is doing with his theatrical and extremely exaggerated demagogy - instigating the citizens of Baltic states against Jews'.

In Hanson's opinion, Zuroff’s advertising campaign is definitely in conflict with the advertising law, criminal code and good practices.

17.07. 2002 AFP
An Estonian man has offered a reward for $20,000 for information on Jewish officers of the Soviet KGB involved in repression against Estonians, a newspaper reported on Wednesday
An Estonian man has offered a reward for $20,000 for information on Jewish officers of the Soviet KGB involved in repression against Estonians, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. more...

2001 Vikerkaar
The Holocaust Commemoration Day was marked in Estonia for the first time. Commemoration of this day at schools is problematic for the teachers and pupils even do not know what to do and how to commemorate it. One of the reasons for that could be that they like in the Soviet times are waiting for the instructions from above. It is also should be said that teachers lack of the educational material. more...