July 2004  
  During World War II, the Hungarian authorities and local Nazi collaborators played a major role in the destruction of Hungarian Jewry, both by direct participation in the murder of Jews in Hungary, the Ukraine, and Serbia, as well as by the involvement of the Hungarian gendarmerie in the mass deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz in the spring of 1944. In late 1944, the regime established by the fascist Arrow Cross under Ferenc Szalasi ordered the ghettoization of the Jews of Budapest and independently carried out the murder of thousands of Jews. In total, 564,500 Hungarian Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

Following the conclusion of the war, thousands of those responsible for the crimes of the Holocaust were brought to trial, but numerous others escaped justice, many of whom fled overseas. Since Hungary became a democracy, however, the authorities have failed to initiate a single investigation, let alone a prosecution, of Holocaust crimes.