03.12.2003 Latvijas Avize

It is a shame to be a Latvian


By Norberts Klaucens


The leader of the Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff arrived to Latvia one more time with the aim to continue defamation of our state and nation in front of the world. No other state that has a bit of respect towards its people allows the person who does not represent any government and who does not have any diplomatic post, to visit the country and to allow him to value how aggressively our Prosecutor Office is working to punish 94-year-old former legionary.

We can see how well Russians protected their citizen who was accused in crimes against Latvians; however our government and so called Prosecutor Office have not found it necessary to protect own citizen from the foreigner, this time from Zuroff’s claims based on the suspecting. We saw how well Swedish protected their alcoholic who hit by car two policewomen. The murderer lives calmly in Sweden and there is nothing threatening him. When Zuroff scared Konrads Kalejs our Prosecutor Office took his part and went to Moscow to dig out more “dirt” against Kalejs and to show how good they are to Zuroff.

How long are we continue to be Wiesenthal center’s and Jews’ slaves? We have nothing to lose at the moment, taking into account that Latvia’s image abroad, thanks to Wiesenthal center, is in dirt and it is not enough for them. More striking is that local Jews do not protect Latvia from these defamations and do not protect the state that allotted them the way of life it would not be possible to get in any other state. Modern time is very similar to the time before the Second World War when Latvia’s Jews’ life was the best in the world. In 1940 NKVD executed 1/3 of the Latvian people including thousands of Jews, but now it is mentioned nowhere and what happened with Latvians after 1945 – neither.

A lot of people considered Germans who in 1941 freed Latvia from the communists’ terror as liberators, nor occupants. Simple math can prove it if we take into an account how many Latvians were executed by communists and how many by Germans. In the time period between June of 1941 and October of 1944, Latvians did not need to be afraid of Germans – only those who cooperated with communists, whose Germans considered to be betrayers. Nobody is against the fact that during that time a lot of Latvia’s Jews died and nobody is against punishment for those who anticipated in the execution. But it should be done only with help of juridical evidences, not through the international media judgment, process that Jews have learnt to control.

The host invites only friends to his house, the government should behave the same way – Zuroff is not Latvia’s friend, the doors of the state should be closed in front of his nose.