Latvian Press Review
June 1, 2004



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Action "Last Chance" by S.Wiesenthal Center. (VS)

Action "Last Chance" by the S.Wiesenthal Center now is taking place not only in the Baltics, but also in Poland, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Zuroff has reminded that operation in the Baltic States has already given some results - the Center received data about 43 possible participants in elimination of Jews from Latvia and 198 - from Lithuania.
At the end of the article VS wrote - the Wiesenthal Center would like to tell residents of the Baltic States that their neighbours - Jews didn't disappear during Nazi occupation - they were killed, women, old people and children among them. There is no forgiveness; it is the only thing we can do in commemorating innocent victims - to bring their killers to the court.

" Diena" publishes interview with U.S. congressman Lantos.

Among other issues the congressman spoke also about the Holocaust. The journalist asked what has been changed regarding the Holocaust issue in Latvia since Lantos's last visit there four years ago. Lantos said he is the only U.S. congressman, who had lived in a Soviet system, therefore, he is sensitive towards Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians' sufferings from the Soviet tirany, however, these three countries haven't take fully their responsibility for the Holocaust. "Some weeks ago I was in my native city Budapest in order to open the Holocaust Museum there, and I was proud of the Hungarian PM, who said during the opening ceremony that "we have to be honest and look at our history, which shows that the Hungarian residents killed other Hungarian residents because they were Jews", Lantos said. New generation, which is not responsible for history, have to be taught in schools about it. According to my opinion, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have still a long way to improve textbooks so it can bee seen that the Holocaust education is serious and open, and not only small brochures for children, Lantos considers. At the end of the interview, Lantos admitted that not everyone in the Western world knows about sufferings of Latvians during Stalin's regime and that he personally is doing everything possible in his public addresses to emphasize sufferings of the Latvian nation during Stalin's time. ________________________________________________________________________