July 15,2002 Telegraph (Riga)

"The Past Cannot Be Sold"
translated from Russian


A response by Arkady Suharenko, Chairman, Jewish Community of Latvia
SWC director Efraim Zuroff who visited Riga launched his project "Operation: Last Chance".

We certainly agree that if there are unknown Nazis somewhere we support the project, but I do not agree with a lot of ZurofPs statements and the manner in which he is operating. This method has no basis. Such activity could lead to an outburst of anti-Semitism. All this could harm the positive processes affecting the Jewish community in Latvia,
The Jewish community in Riga supports the search for Nazi war criminals who have still not been punished. We think that it is important not only to punish them, but also in order mat such a tragedy will not recur in the future.

I would like attention also to be paid to the enormous work being done by the President of Latvia and the government to develop relations with the Jewish community. Thanks to this policy, a climate of normalcy has been created. But the relations between nations and ethnic groups are a very delicate fabric. The community is doing everything to cooperate with the country and wilh the President in order to prevent any activity which could cause an outbreak of anti-Semitism and that is exactly what could be caused by the completion of ZurofFs project. But if the Simon Wiesenthal Center will present specific information on Nazi war criminals in Latvia, 1 am ready to be the liaison to bring this information to the government and to the President to ensure that the murderers will be punished because every criminal who raised his hand against an innocent victim must remember all his life that he cannot escape punishment. ________________________________________________________________________