July 23, 2002  

Latvian Press Review



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Comments and Opinions:

" D" (p. 2 - "The Comments and Opinions" page) publishes the letter of Anda Lice on Efraim Zuroff's last visit to Riga "Straight As Horse's Shaft bow". The letter says: "For many years already as if by some previously composed schedule with the clocks' accuracy the Head of Simon Wiezenthal's Center Efraim Zuroff comes along with his suggestions to find and judge the ones who participated in Holocaust. His latest activities, which border on obsession, make us think that it will never come to the end. When everybody (who was in the age of man due for military service during WWII) will be dead at last, "fair judge" will undertake the next generations. And he will find what to incriminate- Somebody will look or talk wrong way, for example will tell an anecdote about Jews. We can just guess why this ill-disposed person's manhunt spirit operates just in one direction although a number of other documents on crimes against mankind are accessible. About this kind of people we say - straight as horse's shaft bow Looking for some offenders and ignoring others, what a strange specialty! Why? To maintain anti-Semitism and sense of guilt in the world? To hide other crimes behind the unceasing noise? To keep the status of humiliated nation, thus getting moral and material satisfaction? All respect to other Jews, who do not look for the last chance for revenge."

" LA" (p.7 "'Opinion" page) published a letter of Mr. Uldis Lasmanis, politically reprised. Culture capital fund's grant on issue "Reprisal of totalitarian regime and its consequences in Jekabpils district..."

"What Mr. Zuroffs docs not know or does not want to know "

" Holy, fair matter - exposure of Holocaust crimes - Mr. Zuroffs has turned into market's mime
of the times of Inquisition. During those years an Inquisitor came to a town or village and
promised absolving the sins for betrayers or witches or sorcerers.

At the moment nobody believes in witches, and laughs about absolving the sins - now informers get money instead of indulgences. In fact that is a stimulation of denouncing.
Mr. Zuroff maintains that there was no any trial against Holocaust participant in Latvia. At last it is necessary to oppose these lies. The proofs of those crimes are kept in 1986. Fund of Latvian State archive.

Unfortunately, I cannot judge about soviet tribunal, action of the courts in whole Latvia. But I can report about horror happened to those, who participated or watched the Holocaust in Jekabpils district, 1 can do it with full responsibility.

In total during 1944 to 1955 115 offenders were convicted for connection to Holocaust. No one was rehabilitated. 21 out of the said cases were connected to the shooters themselves, others were connected indirectly. 7 out of those 115 were sentenced to death, others were sentenced to imprisonment in camps. Maybe Western intellectuals haven't understood yet what did mean - soviet imprisonment... "

The entire article is dedicating on the fact that many people were illegally convicted for Nazi
crimes during soviet times and that Mr. Zuroff is hunting already hunted criminals.