March 15-17, 2003 LETA

Press review



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Simon Wiesental Centre condemned the decision of the regional newspaper Kurzemes Vards not to publish announcement for the reward of USD 10,000 to provide information that would help to find and sue people participating in Holocaust. Eiframs Zurofs, who is used to be called as Nazi haunter, sent even a letter to Latvian ambassador to Israel, expressing his indignation. (T(p), LTV1, LNT)

In his commentary the journalist Dainis Lemesonoks discusses the activity of Efraim Zuroff that the well known "Nazi hunter" is working as a provocateur of anti Semitism. Mr. Lemesonoks is asking, why the attitude to this issue of Estonian and Latvian Jewish communities is so different. He interviewed the professor of Latvian University Aivars Starnga, the General Secretary of New Era Grigory Krupnikov and the chairman of Riga's Jewish Community Arkady Suharenko. They were questioned about the activity of Vizental's centre, the operation "The last chance" and about attitude to the celebrating of Legionary day. (NRA)