November 29 -
December 1, 2003

Press review



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On November 28, the director of the Simon Wiesentahl centre in Jerusalem, Ephraim Zuroff, held a press conference, where he presented information about results in investigating Nazi crimes. Zuroff positively evaluates accomplished tasks in the spheres of exploring and educating people about Holocaust, but he indicated that he would like to see also a correct action, not just correct words. Zuroff is indignant about the attitude of the General Prosecutor's Office of Latvia towards reporters about the Nazi war crimes in Latvia. Zuroff has expressed his position also to the Prosecutor General, Janis Maizitis. Zuroff is indignant about the prosecutor, Vija Popova, who was kind of attempting to influence the witness, Larisa Grekova, from Bauska, asking her to sign a document, refusing from her previous testimonies against Karlis Brazuss. The Prosecutor's Office denies reproaches of Zuroff and attests that it carefully investigates all cases, which are connected to possible criminals of Holocaust. There is information about 38 persons, which might be participating in Holocaust crimes in Latvia, received. The newspapers Telegraf and Vesti Segodnja publish interviews with Zuroff. (D, NRA, RB(p), VZ(p), T(p), TEL(p), VS(p), LR1, LTV1, LTV7, LNT, TV3, TV5)