July 12, 2002  

Press review


"Diena" (in Latvian) D
"Neatkariga" (in Latvian) N
"Tchass" (in Russian) T
"Business and Baltia" (in Russian) BB
"Vesti Segodnya" (in Russian) VS
"Lauku Avize" (in Latvian) LA
"Dienas Bizness" (in Latvian) DB
"Telegraf' (in Russian) TEL

Jewish Related Issues:

All the newspapers report on the visit of Efraim Zuroff and yesterday's press conference in the LOEK. As it is already known Simon Wiesenthal Center begins the campaign "Last Chance" - that means 10,000 USD to any person who reports about anyone that participated in crimes against the Jews during World War II.

The campaign will be sponsored by found "Targum Shlishi", Miami, established by Aryeh Rubin, the victim of Holocaust. A. R. also came to Riga and participated in press conference. He said that it is becoming very difficult to bring war criminals to account because of their age, which is why it must be done as soon as possible. E. Z. told a press conference that several dozen Nazi war criminals still live in Latvia undisturbed. He added that even more there are in Lithuania but less in Estonia. "T" and "VS" emphasized also that Arkadij Sukharenko, chairman of the Latvian Jewish Community, also called on everyone, including Zuroff, to consider every single word they say since Latvia is the country where representatives of many nations, including Jews, co-exist peacefully.
"TEL" cites the reaction of MFA of Latvia to Zuroff's visit:
" Too general and incorrect opinions about Nazis* crimes can not assist in finding out the truth". In its turn, "TEL" adds, the Embassy of USA supports the Wiesenthal Center's initiative - on yesterday's conference the US Embassy was represented by Victoria Sloan, Head of Public Relations Department - from "TEL" p.2. with picture of V. Straume of EZ and Arkadij Sukharenko - "Operation Last Chance"; "T", p. 2 with AFI picture of E.Z. and A.S, - "The Nazi's Head Costs 10,000 USD"; "D", p. 3, with picture of J. Buls of E.Z. - "Wiezenthal's Center Announces the "Last Chance" Operation"; "VS", p. I, with AFI picture of E.Z. - "Nazis1 Hunters Trace War Criminals".
"N" reported shortly that E. Zuroff submitted to the Director General of Estonian Security Police, Juri Pihl, a list of 17 persons, suspected of collaboration in Holocaust on the territory of Estonia.