21. 03. 2016 jpost.com
Latvia must come to terms with its past

The time has come for the new democracies of Eastern Europe to start facing the historical truth more...

15. 02. 2015 i24news.tv
Four Baltic marches, one dangerous racist trend

This coming week will see the opening of what I refer to as "Baltic Neo-Nazi/Ultranationalist March Month." Within exactly 29 days, four such marches will take place in the capital cities of the Baltic European Union members - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. more...

19. 10. 2014 jpost,com
False symmetry between perpetrator and victim
Two dramatic presentations being staged this week, in venues thousands of miles apart on two different continents, will be delivering a powerful message with serious negative implications for the Jewish people. more...

07. 10. 2014 i24news.tv
La réhabilitation musicale d'un nazi letton
Une nouvelle pièce en Lettonie dépeint Herberts Cukurs comme un héros national effaçant le cruel tueur de Juif. more...

07. 10. 2014 i24news.tv
The musical rehabilitation of a Latvian mass murderer
A new play in Latvia portrays Herberts Cukurs as a national hero - not the cruel killer of Jews that he was. more...

05. 07. 2013 blogs.timesofisrael.com
The lie of Nazis as liberators
I would be extremely surprised if any of the readers of this article have ever heard of Limbazi, Latvia, but as of now the name of that town should light up a few red lights of caution in Western capitals, as well as in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. more...

09. 04. 2013 huffingtonpost.com
Riga and the Waffen-SS: Face to Face with the Unspeakable
Twenty-five years in politics put me in contact with every kind of saint, sinner, wacko and true believer. Included were more than my share of bigots and hate-mongers. more...

18. 09. 2012 english.ruvr.ru
Latvian politicians’ fascination with Nazism seems everlasting
Latvia’s authorities have made another mark in propaganda of Nazism. more...

16. 03. 2012 newstatesman.com
Why does Latvia still honour the Waffen-SS?
No EU member state should be honouring members of the biggest Jew-killing machine in world history. more..

05. 03. 2012 teodorapetrescu.blogspot.com
Presedintele Letoniei a adus un omagiu voluntarilor din WAFFEN SS
Săptămâna trecută preşedintele Letoniei, Andris Berzins, a declarat că veteranii Waffen SS care au luptat alături de germani în al doilea război mondial merită respectul societăţii, atrăgând asupra sa un val de critici din partea Rusiei şi a organizaţiilor sioniste. more...

31.01.2012 algemeiner.com
The Waffen-SS as Freedom Fighters
Despised and ostracized, the Swedish community of Waffen-SS volunteers long gathered in secrecy on “The Day of the Fallen,” for obscure ritualistic annual gatherings at a cemetery in a Stockholm suburb. more...

08. 05. 2011 Ha-Aretz "Books" supplement
The equivalency canard
In this bold attempt to reframe a critical period in modern Eastern European history, Yale historian Tim Snyder redraws historical boundaries to create an artificial geographic entity that he dubs “the Bloodlands,” taking in the area from central Poland to western Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. more...

11.01.11 balticworlds.com
Writing history politically.
A safe haven for war criminals?
The tension among politics, justice, and history lies at the heart of the recent book Purgatorium by the Swedish historian Mats Deland. Even though Sweden was formally neutral throughout World War II, it was still intimately drawn into many aspects of the conflict. more..

06. 04. 2009 lrytas.lt
  Nacių medžiotojas E.Zuroffas įspėja Europą apie Baltijos neofašizmo pavojų
  Nacių nusikaltimus tiriančio Simono Wiesenthalio centro Jeruzalėje direktorius Efraimas Zuroffas piktinasi nacionalistų judėjimais Baltijos valstybėse ir negali suprasti, kodėl Lietuvos, Latvijos ir Estijos valdžia į kylančią neofašizmo bangą žvelgia pro pirštus. more..

05. 04. 2009 kauno.diena.lt
  E.Zuroffas: Baltijos šalyse atgimsta neofašizmas
  Paskutiniu nacių medžiotoju vadinamas žydų istorikas Efraimas Zuroffas skalambija pavojaus varpais. Baltijos šalyse jis įžvelgė atgimstantį neofašizmą. more..

03. 04. 2010 guardian.co.uk
The threat of Baltic ultra-nationalism
The EU is wrong to ignore the resurgence of neofascism in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – it threatens European democracy more...

19. 03. 2010 jpost.com
Jewish World: Facing the music?)
A tour of the Museum of the Occupation in Latvia is coming under fire for not fully acknowledging local complicity in the massacres. more...

19. 03. 2010 ruvr.ru
Тори должны ответить за связи с экстремистами ("The Guardian", Великобритания)
В силу своего исторического невежества Дэвид Кэмерон не сознает, как запятнали британскую политику его связи с поклонниками Ваффен-СС
Взвешенный репортаж Иэна Трейнора (Ian Traynor) из Риги о почестях, оказываемых в Латвии ветеранам Ваффен-СС, служит напоминанием о том, что британскую Консервативную партию так и не призвали к ответу за ее связи с восточноевропейскими экстремистами. more...

17. 03. 2010 guardian.co.uk
Dangerous history-rewriting in Latvia
This week I took part in a protest against those who paint the Waffen-SS as heroes. Britain should take a similar stand more...

28. 09. 2009 guardian.co.uk
The Nazi whitewash
The sight of SS veterans marching down the main avenue of the capital city of a member of Nato and the European Union is hardly a sight to bring joy to the heart of a British political leader. more...

09. 09. 2009 guardian.co.uk
This rewriting of history is spreading Europe's poison
Through decades of British commemorations and coverage of the second world war – from Dunkirk to D-day – there has never been any doubt about who started it. more...

20. 07. 2009 kloty.blogspot.com
Gemeinsamer Tag des Gedenkens an Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus?
Obwohl es schwer zu glauben ist, ist es durchaus möglich, dass in einigen Jahren in Europa es keinen eigenen Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Holocausts geben wird. Stattdessen werden die Europäer den 23. August im Kalender ankreiden als Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus. more...



В Восточной Европе не воспринимают Холокост адекватно
Из выступления Эфраима Зуроффа, руководителя иерусалимского отделения Центра Симона Визенталя на круглом столе "Латвия, Литва, Эстония, Украина, Хорватия, Австрия: попытки героизации нацизма", 30 октября 2007 года: more..

5.07.2006 www.wiesenthal.com
"Post Holocaust Antisemitism" Presented by Dr. Shimon Samuels, Simon Wiesenthal Center Director for International Relations at the Riga International Conference on "The Holocaust: Remembrance and Lessons"
"There can be no pecking order of atrocity to offset the unique character of the Holocaust. Baltic historians who focus on Soviet atrocities in order to attenuate collaboration with the Nazis in extermination of the Jews are revisionists. more..

19.03.2006 Fairfax New Zealand Limited
Shameful truth must be told
Wayne Stringer has done New Zealand a service. The former policeman has shown there was good evidence that Nazi war criminals came to New Zealand after the war. He has scotched the myth that the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's list of suspected war criminals was vacuous and the inquiry a waste of time and money. There was serious evidence that Jonas Pukas - a Lithuanian who settled in New Zealand after the war - was involved in massacres of Jews. At least one other man appears to have served in the Latvian equivalent of the murder squad to which Pukas belonged. Stringer has set the historical record straight. We now know what the evidence was - and it is deeply disturbing. more..

Bella Zisere


Latvian Press Review
June 1, 2004

Latvian Press Review



in Latvian: Diena (D); Neatkariga Rita Avize (NRA); Latvijas Avize (LA); Dienas Bizness (DB);; Rigas Balss (RB)
in Russian: Tchas (T); Bizness & Baltija (BB); Vesti Segodnja (VS); Telegraf (TEL);

In the beginning of the year, the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's Jerusalem bureau, Efraim Zuroff reminded about himself once again, by sending a letter where he confirms that hunting after the Nazi criminals in the Baltic States will continue also in the year 2004. The article also provides information about the results of the operation "Last Chance" in Lithuania. (LA)

The journalist, Voldemars Hermanis, in his commentary about the communism's crimes and nowadays Russia says in one sentence after he mentioned a book of A. Cipko about the genocide during Soviet times; "Efraim Zuroff, who register "incredible number of mawkish extremists' expressions all along three Baltic States' websites, has to read the book, as it looks he does not notice fascists, Bolsheviks groups and organizations' activity in nowadays Russia. (NRA)

5.12.2003 Latvijas Avize (Lauku Avize)
Latvian Press Review

in Latvian: Diena (D); Neatkariga Rita Avize (NRA); Latvijas Avize (LA); Dienas Bizness (DB); Latvijas Vestnesis (LV); Vakara Zinas (VZ); Rigas Balss (RB); Latvijas Radio 1 (LR1); Latvijas Radio (LR2); LTV1; LTV7; LNT; TV3; TV5

in Russian: Tchas (T); Bizness & Baltija (BB); Vesti Segodnja (VS); Telegraf (TEL); Kommersant Baltic Daily (KBD), Vecernaja Riga (VR); Latvijas Radio 4 (LR4)

A reader of the newspaper, Jegermanis from Ikskile, is certain that an interview with the director of the Simon Wiesentahl centre in Jerusalem, Ephraim Zuroff, has offended many people. Another reader, D.Pirro, who has also experienced the wartimes, deportation, and rescued several Jews from starvation, states he agrees to the recent article of N. Kaucens. (LA)

5.12.2003 Diena
25 thousands during two days
Do we know enough about events happened in Runbula?
Pauls Raudseps
We live our own life. We go to work, go shopping, if we can afford we go to Rumbula to look for a car… Maybe we have heard something what happened behind the car retail 62 years ago, maybe – haven’t. Something terrible that merges together with all the other danger events that happened during this world most bloody century. We do not think anything more about it. more..

3.12.2003 Latvijas Avize
It is a shame to be a Latvian
Norberts Klaucens
The leader of the Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff arrived to Latvia one more time with the aim to continue defamation of our state and nation in front of the world. No other state that has a bit of respect towards its people allows the person who does not represent any government and who does not have any diplomatic post, to visit the country and to allow him to value how aggressively our Prosecutor Office is working to punish 94-year-old former legionary. more..

1.12.2003 Телеграф
Латвия слишком привыкла к роли жертвы
Среди всех стран, в которых во время войны зверски были убиты сотни тысяч евреев, Латвия и Эстония выделяются особым нежеланием признавать, что среди преступников были латыши и эстонцы.
Об этом в интервью "Телеграфу" заявил глава Центра Симона Визенталя в Иерусалиме Эфраим Зурофф. more..

17.03.2003 Neatkariga Rita Avize
“Zurofs nepalidz patiesibai, vins to sadulko”
Zuroff doesn’t help the truth, he stirs it up
Dainis Lemesonoks

It has already become a yearly tradition in Latvia in the spring that Efraim Zuroff makes an accusation. The hyperactive leader of the Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center thoroughly prepares it in order to time it to coincide with the historic events of March 16. Maybe we ourselves, Latvian society, are guilty that we have become afraid of the phantoms of the past and thought that this man is a regular inspector of the capital. more..

1.02.2003 Neatkariga
Comments from an interview with Grigory Krupnikovs, former Chairman of the Riga Jewish community
J: At the same time, the Simon Wiesenthal Center accuses Latvia of "insufficient and ineffective efforts to investigate Nazi war crimes". Automatically, such comments make Latvians think, that people like Mr. Zuroff consciously or unconsciously are trying to sow discord between Jews and non-Jews.
G.K.: Neither me, as a former head of RJC, nor the JC itself can be answerable for what Mr. Zuroff is doing. The same way you cannot be responsible for what Mr. Rubiks is doing. Yes, Mr. Zuroff and I are both Jews, and you and Rubiks - Latvians. Do you want to be responsible for either him or Victor Alksnis? Certainly not. I have many times stated publicly, that I disagree with Mr. Zuroff's position. The same thing happened in Estonia, where JC head Cila Laut protested against Mr. Zuroff's activities. In my opinion, he behaves wrong, degradating the very idea which is his motive for action. I do not think that there is such thing as collective guilt: it is an invention of Stalin and Hitler times. There are individual criminals, not collective guilt. At the same time no one can prohibit Mr. Zuroff from expressing what he wants to. We can only discuss our attitudes towards his position.

18.01.2003 BBC News
Nazi hunters advertise in Latvia
A Latvian newspaper has published advertisements offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the trial and conviction of Nazi war criminals.
The advertisements are part of a campaign called "Operation Last Chance" launched by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, which hunts Nazi criminals. more..

Latvian Press Review

Press Review

15.07.2002 Telegraph (Riga)
"The Past Cannot Be Sold"
A response by Arkady Suharenko, Chairman, Jewish Community of Latvia SWC director Efraim Zuroff who visited Riga launched his project "Operation: Last Chance". more..

11.07.2002 MFA
Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relation to the initiative of Dr Efraim Zuroff, Head of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem
At the end of his visit to the Baltic States, after visiting Lithuania and Estonia, Dr Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem, has launched a project "Operation: Last Chance" in Riga. more..