December 1, 2003

In Wake of Wiesenthal Center Protest, Latvian Prosecutor to Face Disciplinary Measures


The Simon Wiesenthal Center revealed today that the Latvian government had indicated that it planned to take disciplinary measures against a prosecutor who had harassed a Latvian citizen who had submitted information regarding a suspected Latvian Nazi war criminal to the Center in the framework of its “Operation: Last Chance.” more...

July 2002

The Failure to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia 1991-2002


Although numerous Baltic Nazi war criminals were brought to trial by the Soviet authorities following the reoccupation of the Baltics in 1944, many Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian Holocaust perpetrators remained unprosecuted when these countries regained their independence in 1991. Some were still living in the Baltics, while many others had escaped towards the end of World War II to Germany or Sweden from whence most subsequently emigrated overseas to the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain or other destinations. In some of these countries of refuge – primarily in the United States – successful efforts were already underway to identify and take legal action against these Holocaust perpetrators, a policy which ultimately led to the return of some of these war criminals to their native land. Thus when Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia once again became independent, there were quite a few cases of Baltic Nazi war criminals which could and should have been dealt with the local authorities. What has been achieved in this regard during the past more than eleven years of Baltic independence? more...

2002.gada julijs  

Neizdošanas saukt pie atbildibas Nacistu kara noziedzniekus Lietuva, Latvija un Igaunija no 1991.-2002.gadam.


Lai gan pec Baltijas atkartotas okupacijas 1944.gada daudzus Baltijas Nacistu kara noziedzniekus Padomju vara sauca pie atbildibas, tomer daudzi Lietuvas, Latvijas un Igaunijas Holokausia vainigie palika nesoditi, ari tad kad Baltijas valstis atguva savu neatkaribu 1991.gada. more...