06. 10. 2018 apdnews.com
Stutthof Nazi camp guard going on trial in Germany

A former SS guard is going on trial next month in Germany on charges of accessory to murder for serving at the Nazis' Stutthof concentration camp.The 94-year-old, who hasn't been identified due to German privacy laws, is being tried in juvenile court because he was under the age of 21 at the time of his more...

Fall 2014 jewishreviewofbooks.com
What We Talk About When We Talk About Stepan Bandera: A Rejoinder to Dovid Katz

Dovid Katz has had a long and distinguished career in reestablishing Jewish learning and Yiddishkeit in Lithuania and in fighting Shoah revisionism and denial across Eastern Europe. He deserves ample credit for both, so it is especially disappointing when he adopts, in his response to my article, the position that his—and our—enemies are his friends. “In other words,” he writes, “when it comes to the basic ethical issue of how we think about the Nazis and their local reliable killers, the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys.” Vladimir Putin, his allies in the Baltic states, and the eastern Ukrainian separatists are the “the good guys” in their rejection of an anti-Semitic Nazi collaborationist past, while the Ukrainian nationalists are “the bad guys.”more...

Fall 2014 jewishreviewofbooks.com
Poland Is Not Ukraine: A Response to Konstanty Gebert’s “The Ukrainian Question”

Konstanty Gebert, a hero of Poland’s Solidarity period and more recently of the movement to reinvigorate Jewish life in the country, presents a stark alternative in “The Ukrainian Question” (Summer 2014) that few others have dared to spell out:
Are Jewish interests and values better served by the emergence of a democratic independent state, even if it is steeped in nationalist ideology? Or are they better served by the triumph of Russian regional imperialism, even if it is tempered by a demonstrated opposition to anti-Semitism? more...

10. 04. 2013 spiegel.de
Polish Weekly Shows Merkel in Concentration Camp

The Polish media is angry over the portrayal of the country's World War II resistance fighters in a popular miniseries that aired recently in Germany. more...

26. 07. 2012 tabletmag.com
The Diplomat of Shoah History
The dispute between Poles and Jews about the Nazi period can move in unsettling directions, ones that make an unhealed wound hurt even worse. more...

05. 03. 2012 chronicle.com
Can Germany Help Central Europe Confront Its Dark Past?
The home of the German Historical Institute in downtown Warsaw is a handsome, 19th-century neo-Renaissance residence with arched doorways and a tranquil, cobbled courtyard. more...

08. 05. 2011 Ha-Aretz "Books" supplement
The equivalency canard
In this bold attempt to reframe a critical period in modern Eastern European history, Yale historian Tim Snyder redraws historical boundaries to create an artificial geographic entity that he dubs “the Bloodlands,” taking in the area from central Poland to western Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. more...

18.04. 2008 haaretz.com
A presidential exoneration
It's unlikely that April 14 will become a national holiday in Poland in the future, but I have no doubt that this past Monday provided much cause for jubilation in Warsaw. more...

21.02. 2008 derstandard.at
Der Fall Erna Wallisch: Die Banalität der Verjährung
Nazi-Jäger hofften auf Mordprozess - KZ-Wärterin in Majdanek lebte bis zuletzt in Wien. more...

11.02. 2008 newstatesman.com
Last chance to catch the Nazis
The news that Austria is re-opening the case of Erna Wallisch, a female guard at the Majdanek death camp, currently residing in Vienna, was accompanied in many media outlets by a photograph of an elderly, rather disoriented housewife - who looked as if she had been awaken from a deep sleep. more...

September 2006 Shalom
Last Chance in Warsaw ?
Readers of SHALOM are already acquainted with “Operation: Last Chance,” which was launched by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Targum Shlishi Foundation to maximize the efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice by offering financial rewards for information which would facilitate prosecution and punishment. more...

Poland asks UN to rename Auschwitz

The Anti-Defamation League is urging UNESCO to change the official name of Auschwitz-Birkenau to reflect its German connection, at the behest of Poland. more...

Victims or perpetrators?

In the Holocaust, the majority of victims were annihilated through a process of industrialized mass murder, making it often difficult to ascribe personal responsibility to an individual murderer. Given the fact that most of the victims were identified, robbed of their possessions, concentrated and deported from their homes to distant death camps - where they were annihilated by a complex system especially established to facilitate their exploitation and extermination - responsibility for the murders is diffuse and shared by many participants. more...

21.03.2006 Sunday - Catholic Magazine
Let justice be done
Fr Hubert Czuma, S.J.

And the media in Poland got crazy about the discovery of the next names of secret collaborators, the so-called 'TW'. This time they speak loudly about the priests who were apparently unlucky to become secret collaborators of the communist services during the time of the Polish People's Republic. Earlier, the media informed about the spiritual informer who had reported on John Paul II. Even some work has been written: a report about his talks with the representatives of these services. more...

30.08.2004 El Pais
En busca de los últimos nazis

Polémica por la campaña Última Oportunidad del Centro Wiesenthal

El paso del tiempo no convierte a los culpables en inocentes”, dice un ‘cazador de nazis’. more...

Zbrodniarzy należy ścigać
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
(English version)
Judging from the impassioned negative responses by prominent Polish public figures to the launching this week of the "Operation:Last Chance"(O:LC) infoline in Warsaw, one can only wonder why the efforts to bring local Nazi war criminals to justice in Poland have aroused such antagonism among the very people whom one would have expected to be their most ardent supporters. more...

16.06.2004 BBC News Online
  Holocaust hotline anger in Poland
Marek Bekerman
  An international organisation dedicated to hunting down Holocaust war criminals has opened a telephone hotline for potential informants in Poland. more...

16.06.2004 News Bulletin of the Polish Embassy in Washington

Wiesenthal Centre opens collaborator infoline

Only reporters have to date made use of an infoline gathering information about Polish Nazi collaborators and participants in Jewish pogroms opened Wednesday by the Jerusalem- based Simon Wiesenthal centre. Information transmitted via such lines will be analyzed in Jerusalem, and transferred to the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). more...

16.06.2004 w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m

Money reward in hunt for Nazis stirs criticism in Poland
By The Associated Press

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Wednesday launched a drive to track down remaining Nazi war criminals in Poland by offering a $12,000 reward for information leading to their prosecution, drawing criticism from prominent Polish figures. more...