08. 05. 2011 Ha-Aretz "Books" supplement
The equivalency canard
In this bold attempt to reframe a critical period in modern Eastern European history, Yale historian Tim Snyder redraws historical boundaries to create an artificial geographic entity that he dubs “the Bloodlands,” taking in the area from central Poland to western Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. more...

30.09.2004 Jurnalul National
A Campaign to Reveal the Holocaust in Romania
Slightly more than a year ago, the Simon Wiesenthal Center launched “Operation: Last Chance” in Romania at a press conference hosted by the Federation of Romanian Jewish Communities in Bucharest. Romania was the fifth country in which the project was initiated. It was started in July 2002 in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and was expanded in the fall of 2003 to Poland, Romania and Austria. This year it has already been launched in Croatia and Hungary. They were chosen because the local population in these countries actively participated in the mass murder of European Jewry and have done practically nothing to bring these murderers to justice. more...