18. 04. 2016 jta.org
Bucharest revisionist mayoral candidate worries anti-Semitism watchdog
(JTA) — The mayoral candidacy of a Bucharest politician who said local Jews lied for money about the number of their brethren killed in the Holocaust “presents a concern,” a Romanian watchdog group on anti-Semitism said. more...

21. 01. 2014 jta.org
Romania has come a long way on Holocaust remembrance, but denial persists
BUCHAREST, Romania (JTA) — Touring the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2005, Romanian President Traian Basescu was unprepared to confront some painful truths. more...

17. 12. 2013 jpost.com
Romania's Forgotten Holocaust
Filmmaker Confronts Leaders Over Silence
Jewish groups had expressed outrage that Lucian Bolcas, former VP of Greater Romania party, had been candidate for top judicial spot. more...

15. 11. 2012 spiegel.de
Romania's Forgotten Holocaust
Filmmaker Confronts Leaders Over Silence
In a new documentary film, director Florin Iepan confronts Romania's leaders over their ongoing silence about the country's role in the Holocaust. more...

10. 08. 2012 agerpres.ro
Minister Sova says he has assumed mistake and retracted his words about Holocaust victims
Minister for the Relation with Parliament Dan Sova reiterated in a release sent to Agerpres that he understood the mistake he made when publicly voicing his opinion of the Holocaust, that he assumed the mistake and unreservedly retracted his words. more..

09. 08. 2012 napolinotizie.com
Romania, ministro negazionista E' scandalo per la nomina di Sova
BERLINO - Nuovi, brutti segnali di tendenze antisemite nell'Unione europea. Un paese membro della Ue e della Nato, la Romania, ha accolto nel suo governo un giovane politico accusato di negazionismo dell'Olocausto. more..

08. 08. 2012 faz.net
Ministerwürden für rumänischen Holocaust-Leugner
Der rumänische Ministerpräsident Ponta hat einen Holocaust-Leugner in seine Regierung aufgenommen. Das New Yorker Simon-Wiesenthal-Zentrum äußerte sich empört über die Ernennung von Dan Sova zum Minister. more..

06. 07. 2012 tol.org
Hungary’s New Curriculum: Writing Wrongs?
Politics and literature clash in a controversy over the government’s sanction of authors linked to the country’s fascist past. more..

06. 06. 2012 forward.com
Transylvanian Drama Over Fascist's Ashes
In the scenic and enchanting lands of Transylvania, the ashes of a dead fascist have sparked a diplomatic incident. more..

13. 03. 2012 economist.com
It coudn't happen here
DAN SOVA, a spokesman for Romania's opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), is paying the price for his poor grasp of history. more..

09. 03. 2012 tol.org
Poland Likes It Dirty, Romanian Pol Rewrites History
Plus, Georgian billionaire eyes prime minister’s office, and Belgrade Roma kicked out of shanty town. more..

03. 09. 2011 parloar.ro
Ungurul Sandor Kepiro, suspectat de crime de razboi in perioada nazista, a murit la Budapesta
Ungurul Sandor Kepiro, suspectat de crime de razboi in perioada nazista, a murit la Budapesta, la varsta de 97 de ani, a declarat familia sa pentru agentia de presa MTI. AFP reaminteste ca Sandor a fost achitat recent de un tribunal din Ungaria de acuzatia ca ar fi ordonat uciderea a 36 de evrei si sarbi din regiunea Novi Sad, in timpul celui de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial. more..

13. 08. 2010 ynetnews.com
Peres' Romania comment criticized by Jewish center
Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel director slams president's praise of Romania for saving Jews during Holocaust, says, 'His failure to condemn crimes of Antonescu regime likely to have dire consequences in post-Communist societies with tendency to deny role in annihilation of Jews' more..

13. 08. 2010 news.yahoo.com
Jewish group blasts Israel's Peres over Holocaust in Romania
BUCHAREST (AFP) – The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization, on Friday criticized Israeli President Shimon Peres who paid tribute to Romania for "rescuing 400,000 Jews" during World War II. more..

13. 08. 2010 cotidianul.ro
Centrul Simon Wiesenthal îl critica dur pe Shimon Peres
Centrul Simon Wiesenthal l-a criticat pe presedintele israelian Shimon Peres vineri dupa ce acesta a multumit României ca a salvat 400.000 de evrei, scrie corespondentul Associated Press din România. more..

13. 08. 2010 washingtonpost.com
Peres' Romania comment criticized by Jewish center
TBUCHAREST, Romania -- The Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized Israeli President Shimon Peres on Friday for thanking Romania for saving Jews, saying he should have condemned the Romanian state for the tens of thousands of Jews who were killed there during World War II. more..

30. 04. 2010 umsz.manna.ro
Nácivadászat: sikerek és kudarcok
„A többi kelet-európai országhoz hasonlóan Románia is kissé még antiszemita” – nyilatkozta az Adevărulnak Efraim Zuroff, a Simon Wiesenthal Központ jeruzsálemi irodájának igazgatója. more..

1.06.2006 Bucharest Daily News
Simon Wiesenthal Center criticizes Romania over Nazi suspects' investigation
The Simon Wiesenthal Center protested Wednesday against what it said was the failure of Romanian authorities to complete investigations in the cases of four Romanian Nazi war crimes suspects. more...

31.05.2006 AFP
Bucarest critiqué pour l'"échec" des enquêtes sur les criminels de guerre

BUCAREST, 31 mai 2006 (AFP) - Le centre Simon Wiesenthal a critiqué mercredi la Roumanie pour son "échec" à poursuivre des criminels de guerre présumés, découverts lors de l'opération   "Dernière chance", lancée en 2003 contre des personnes ayant   participé aux crimes de l'Holocauste. more...

31.05.2006 Reuters
Romania's hunt for Nazi criminals too slow--group
BUCHAREST, May 31 (Reuters) - Romania is dragging its feet in investigating four suspected Romanian Nazi war criminals discovered by the Simon Wiesenthal Center more than a year ago, the prominent Jewish group said on Wednesday. more...

Wiesenthal Center protests against Romanian gov't
By Associated Press

The Simon Wiesenthal Center protested Wednesday against what it said was the failure of Romanian authorities to complete investigations in the cases of four Romanian Nazi war crimes suspects. more...

Latvian whitewash spawns anti-Semitic uproar
Israeli responses to a prominent Latvian newspaper's whitewashing of the history of national hero Herberts Cukurs, whom the Mossad liquidated in the 1960s for his part in the murder of Jews, has triggered an anti-Semitic outpouring on the Internet and in the local press. more...

4.03.2005 ANSA
Olocausto: Romania, Inchiesta Presunti Criminali Guerra
BUCAREST, 4 MAR - L'Alta Corte di Cassazione e Giustizia di Bucarest ha aperto un' inchiesta su quattro cittadini romeni sospettati di crimini di guerra contro gli ebrei durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Lo riferisce oggi il quotidiano romeno ''National''. more...

4.03.2005 haaretz.com
Nazi hunt yields Romania war crimes suspects
BUCHAREST (Reuters) - A prominent Jewish rights group said yesterday that its hunt for Nazi war criminals in Romania had flushed out 15 suspects it hoped to see prosecuted by the country's top court. more...

16.12.2004 JTA
Nazi-hunting ad campaign honoured
NEW YORK (JTA) – An ad campaign for a Nazi-hunting program won an award in Romania. The ad campaign for the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Operation Last Chance received a silver medal last month out of 55 ad campaigns in the competition. The program, now in operation in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, offers rewards for information on suspected Nazi-era war criminals.

30.09.2004 Jurnalul National
A Campaign to Reveal the Holocaust in Romania
This text appeared in interview form under the title: “Campania de demascare a Holocaustului in Romania,” (A Campaign to Reveal the Holocaust in Romania), Jurnalul National, September 30, 2004, Dr. Efraim Zuroff.

Slightly more than a year ago, the Simon Wiesenthal Center launched “Operation: Last Chance” in Romania at a press conference hosted by the Federation of Romanian Jewish Communities in Bucharest. Romania was the fifth country in which the project was initiated. It was started in July 2002 in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and was expanded in the fall of 2003 to Poland, Romania and Austria. more...

17.08.2004 hvg.hu
Sikeres „nácivadász” akció Romániában
A Simon Wiesenthal Központ legalább tizenhárom olyan személy nevét azonosította Romániában, akik háborús bunök elkövetésével gyanúsíthatóak. A legfiatalabb feltételezett bunös 80 éves. more...

9.08.2004 Agence France-Presse
Last chance campaign against Nazi criminals
The haunting faces stare from the walls of bus shelters, reminding Romanians that this is the last chance to denounce Nazi war criminals responsible for the murder of Jews in World War II. more...

21.04.2004 Reuters
Nazi hunters urge Romania to pursue war criminals
A Jewish rights group criticized wartime Nazi ally Romania on Wednesday for failing to investigate and prosecute suspected local war criminals. more...



24.03.2004 w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Wiesenthal probing Romanian Holocaust

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem has launched an investigation into the largest pogrom against Jews in Romania, which occurred in 1941, the Romanian news agency Mediafax reported yesterday.


The pogrom, from June 28 to July 26, resulted in the deaths of 9,000 to 12,000 Jews in the northeastern city of Iasi, the center's director, Efraim Zuroff, was quoted as saying in Iasi. The center is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction, sentencing and punishment of those responsible.

The investigations into the pogrom of Iasi are part of a "Last Chance" campaign by the Wiesenthal Center to punish Nazis residing in eastern Europe.

So far in Romania, no criminal investigations have taken place into the deaths of some 420,000 Romanian Jews killed by the Nazis

24.3.2004 szabad európa
Fejvadászat indult a nácik ellen

Tízezer dollárt ígérnek Iasi-ban minden olyan információért, amely a nemzetiszocialista háborús bunösök és buntársaik nyomára vezet. Romániában 420000 halálos áldozata volt a Holokausztnak: Iasi-ban 1941. június 26-július 6. között 9-12 ezer zsidót gyilkoltak meg. A háborús bunösök felfedését és elítélését segítoknek a jutalmat floridai Targum Shlishi Alapítvány adja, amely a Simon Wiesenthal Központtal indította el az Utolsó esély nevu program romániai szakaszát. A programot két éve kezdték meg Észtországban, Litvániában és Lettországban, ahol 258 olyan személyre bukkantak, aki azzal gyanúsítható, hogy együttmuködött a fasisztákkal vagy háborús bunöket követett el. Közülük 72-t vizsgáltak ki, és jelenleg 8 személy ellen folyik per. (szabad európa)
URL: http://belpol.transindex.ro/?hir=4907

22.10.2003 Reuters
Wiesel to head commission on Romanian Holocaust

Romania said on Wednesday it had set up a commission to bring to light its World War Two role in the murder of thousands of Jews after a diplomatic row over a government denial the Holocaust took place there. more...

12.10.2003 Reuters
Top Nazi hunter starts Romanian war crimes search
A leading Nazi hunter on Friday launched a search for Holocaust criminals in Romania, hoping to bring the culprits to justice and force the ex-communist country to face dark chapters of its past. more...

12.10.2003 Mediterranean Agenda
Romania Implored to Aid Hunt for Nazis
The director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff, implored Romanian officials to start hunting down and prosecuting Nazi war criminals still living in the country Friday. more...

8.10.2003 Miami Herald
Nazi hunt expands to more countries
The first phase of Operation: Last Chance, a Simon Wiesenthal Center Nazi-hunting venture in the Baltics, was so successful, according to the Golden Beach investment manager who financed it, that it's being expanded to other countries. more...

16.09.2003 Haaretz
Romania to prosecute war criminals
By Amiram Barkat

Romania's state prosecutor agreed to set up a special justice ministry unit to prosecute war criminals still living in Romania, the prosecutor told Simon Wiesenthal Center's director and leading Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff on Saturday. Zuroff is in Romania to launch Operation Last Chance, a campaign to expose war criminals. The center is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the prosecution of Romanian war criminals, hundreds of whom are believed to be living in the country. It will provide Romania with material to prosecute war criminals.

15.09.2003 Radio Free Europe

Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, offered in Bucharest on 12 September a $10,000 reward to anyone providing information leading to the prosecution of war criminals, Reuters and AFP reported. Zuroff has headed a similar "Operation Last Chance" in the Baltic states and Ukraine, which exposed 241 suspected war criminals and sent 55 of them to prosecutors. Zuroff said "Romania was a satellite state of Nazi Germany and actively participated in the implementation of the Final Solution." Yet, "not a single Holocaust perpetrator has been investigated, let alone prosecuted in postcommunist Romania," according to AFP. Reuters cited him as asking: "Does Romanian society, Romanian leadership have the courage to bring these people to justice? This is what we hope will happen." MS

15.09.2003 ANSA
(ANSA) - BUCAREST, 15 SET - Sono stati molti i romeni ad essere coinvolti in crimini di guerra nel periodo 1940-1944, partecipando all'uccisione di circa 420mila ebrei sul territorio romeno e al di fuori delle frontiere di stato. Lo ha dichiarato in un'intervista per l'agenzia di stampa romena Rompres il direttore dell'ufficio israeliano del Centro Simon Wiesenthal, lo storico Efraim Zuroff. In visita ufficiale a Bucarest per avviare la campagna 'L'ultima possibilita'' che mira ad identificare e portare di fronte alla giustizia i romeni responsabili della morte degli ebrei durante la seconda guerra mondiale, Zuroff ha fatto sapere che il Centro Wiesenthal intende aiutare la Romania a conoscere meglio il proprio passato. ''Considerando le dichiarazioni del presidente e del governo di Bucarest, sembra che la Romania non abbia capito quello che e' successo sul suo territorio, nonche' in Bucovina, Basarabia, Transdnestria o nella regione ucraina di Odessa'', ha detto Zuroff alludendo al fatto che le autorita' di Bucarest hanno recentemente dichiarato che l'Olocausto non e' mai esistito sul territorio romeno, irritando Israele. ''Questo non solo un problema della Romania, anche di altri paesi nell'Europa orientale'', ha sottolineato. Infatti, la campagnia 'L'ultima possibilita'' e' stata avviata anche nei paesi Baltici e in Polonia, e seguiranno Germania, Ucraina, Biolorussia e Ungheria.

13.09.2003 Eesti Päevaleht Online
"Juhtiv natsikütt läks Rumeeniasse otsima endisi natse

BUCURESTI, 13. september (EPLO) – Simon Wiesenthali keskuse Jeruusalemma osakonna direktor Efraim Zuroff lendas Rumeeniasse, et leida sealt endisi natse, kes sooritasid holokausti ajal kuritegusid inimsuse vastu.

Zuroff soovib tuua natsid kohtu ette ning veenda Rumeeniat tunnistama hämarat minevikku, teatas Jerusalem Post. Rumeenia oli natsi-Saksamaa liitlane ning Saksamaa kontrolli all.

Zuroff alustab Rumeenias operatsiooni „Viimane võimalus”, mida Simon Wiesenthali keskus alustas Eestis ning Balti riikides. Keskuse ametnike sõnul on Eestis, Ukrainas ning Balti riikides – Lätis ja Leedus – avastatud 240 natsikuritegude kahtlusega isikut.

Ajalooürikute järgi tapeti Rumeenias II maailmasõja ajal umbes pool 750 000 Rumeenia juudist. Toonase liidri, marssal Ion Antonescu juhtimise all oli Rumeenia natsi-Saksamaa tugev liitlane.

URL: http://www.epl.ee/artikkel_245171.html