12.08.2020 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Nazis should be punished

SS guard Bruno Dey was judged, found guilty, sentenced, and... released, so what's the point of the trial? more...

Shoah distortion

An important but imprecise book about how the narrative of the Holocaust is being rewritten more...

30.01.2020 blogs.timesofisrael.com
At 93, a Holocaust survivor’s testimony still serves justice

Halina Strnad's testimony could help finally convict Bruno Dey, a guard at the horrific Stutthof camp, of accessory to murder more...

16.01.2020 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Lithuania wants to erase its Holocaust role. That’s deplorable

Proposed legislation would whitewash the extent to which Lithuanians helped Nazis murder 90% of their country's 220,000 Jews more...

06.12.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
From Israel to Lithuania, for a play

There was a time, during the interwar period, when Lithuania was independent (1918-1940), that it could be said that the cities of Jerusalem and Panevežys were closely linked. That was of course due to the important status of the local yeshiva in the heart of the Lithuanian city, which had been established by Rabbi Yitzhak Yaakov Rabinovich in 1908 more...

02.12.2019 jpost.com
Lithuania continues Soviet-style censorship 30 years post-independence

Holocaust distortion is so prevalent in Lithuania, which has initiated and led many of the initiatives in Eastern Europe to rewrite the narrative of World War II and the Holocaust more...

23.10.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
A 93-year-old Holocaust guard is tried in juvy court

When a neo-Nazi Holocaust denier sets out to murder Jews in Germany on Yom Kippur, the belated trial of Stutthof Nazi Bruno Dey takes on new importance more...

27.08.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Israel’s shameful policy on Holocaust issues in Eastern Europe

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s trip to Ukraine early last week is yet another opportunity to assess Israel’s relations with the post-Communist new democracies of Eastern Europe, and especially those with a Holocaust past of participation in the systematic mass murder of Jews more...

09.08.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Israel’s warm ties with nations that duck their Holocaust crimes

Red-carpet treatment for Croatia's president, whose approach to past war crimes is at best ambivalent, is an affront to victims of former Nazi collaborators more...

02.05.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Those poor, frail, old, Nazi murderers

Old age should not protect individuals who committed heinous crimes -- they are as guilty today as they were then more...

01.05.2019 jpost.com
Holocaust Remembrance Day

History is not only about the past, but a critical subject for the present and future more...

18.04.2019 jpost.com
Systematic Holocaust distortion

It now appears that there is a serious chance that the Lithuanian authorities will be finally be challenged regarding their systematic Holocaust distortion more...

04.03.2019 jpost.com
Questions remain regarding the opening of Vatican WWII-era archives

Researchers may have to investigate the archives for several years before coming to any conclusions more...

28.01.2019 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Israel must stop pandering to Holocaust distorters

Eastern European countries are systematically rewriting the narrative of WWII and the slaughter of European Jewry more...

26.01.2019 jpost.com
Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day

There are several factors that help explain why the prosecution of Nazis is still ongoing more...

14. 01. 2019 jpost.com
In Lithuania, some Nazi killers are also heroes

Only those individuals tried and found guilty in their lifetimes may be considered guilty, all others are considered to be completely innocent more...

21. 10. 2018 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Blacks and Jews

Growing up in Apartheid South Africa, “Blood River Day” (or Dingaan’s Day) was a primary national holiday more...

03. 10. 2018 jpost.com
In honor of Lituanian memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust

During the Nazi occupation of 1941-44, the order in Lithuania was so efficient, that there were almost no Germans in the local administration or police more...

25. 09. 2018 makorrishon.co.il
פשעי השואה בליטא: שינוי הגישה עשוי לבוא מהמדינה עצמה

ליטא אינה מוכנה להתמודד עם עברה בשואה. ראש הממשלה סירב להתייחס לנושא, אך ייתכן שהישועה תגיע ממקום לא צפו

23. 09. 2018 jpost.com
Lithuania at the crossroads

For the second time in three years, the Lithuanian authorities find themselves in a serious dilemma on Holocaust Memorial Day more...

31. 07. 2018 jpost.com
Failure to sincerely and honestly confront Ustasha crimes

Thompson is notorious for his ultra nationalist lyrics and his glorification of Croatia’s notorious genocidal World War II Ustasha regime more...

14. 03. 2018 jewishnews.timesofisrael.com
Shoah victims never had the clemency Oskar Groening wanted

Top Nazi-hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center reflects on the death of the ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ this week more...

26. 01. 2018 infobae.com
Llevando los últimos nazis a la Justicia

En junio de 1981, varios meses después de haber comenzado a trabajar como investigador en Israel para la Oficina de Investigaciones Especiales (OSI) del Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos, la que fuera establecida en 1979 para enjuiciar a los criminales de guerra nazis y colaboradores que habían emigrado a América, Jerusalén fue la sede del Primer Encuentro Mundial de Sobrevivientes Judíos del Holocausto more...

20. 01. 2018 jpost.com
Bringing the last Nazis to justice

Germany has undergone a dramatic change in its prosecution policy more...

05. 01. 2018 jpost.com

Newly released information by the Mossad sheds light on the agency’s unsuccessful attempts to catch Nazi war criminals between the ’60s and ’90s more...

08. 11. 2017 jpost.com
79th anniversary of Kristallnacht

The betrayal of the Czechs to appease Hitler was a clear sign that the British and French were unwilling to oppose Hitler by force more...

28. 09. 2017 jpost.com
Why Naujaneriai is also important

Among the victims were 512 men, 744 women and 511 children, who were buried in a grave some 20-meters long and 2-meters wide more...

08. 08. 2017 talkradio.co.uk
Ernst Zundel: The most evil man you've never heard of

The biblical book of Proverbs (Mishlei) instructs us "Do not be happy when your enemy falls, and do not rejoice when he fails" (Chapter 24, verse 17).
But it was hard to resist a sense of joy and satisfaction, when the news was publicised early this week that Ernst Zundel, one of the most prolific and persistent Holocaust deniers, had died in Germany at the age of 78. more...

30. 07. 2017 jpost.com
Oy Canada!

If one compares the biographic profile of the Nazi war criminals who emigrated to Canada with those who entered the US, their wartime service was virtually the same more...

27. 07. 2017 jpost.com
Weisenthal Center demands extradition of denaturalized ex-Nazi

Helmut Oberlander has been stripped of his Canadian citizenship for a fourth time and has stated his intent to appeal the decision more...

17. 06. 2017 jpost.com
Full justice requires punishment

Under these circumstances, the validity of such trials can be questioned more...

02. 06. 2017 talkradio.co.uk
Nazi hunter: 'Death of 95-year-old Auschwitz guard Reinhold Hanning is a tragedy - he deserved to rot in jail'

The average normal person would probably read about the death of a 95-year-old Auschwitz guard and think "good riddance, what a shame he lived so long." more...

11. 04. 2017 mobile.nytimes.com
What Ukraine’s Jews Fear

KIEV, Ukraine — Last September, I stood at the 75th-anniversary commemorations at Babi Yar — a mass grave where more than 33,000 Jews from Kiev were massacred in two days during the Holocaust — listening to President Petro Poroshenko deliver a stirring speech about why such atrocities must never be repeated more...

04. 04. 2017 liva.com.ua
Борьба за историческую правду о Холокосте в Украине

Со времени развала Советского Союза чуть более четверти века назад, роль местных нацистских коллаборантов в преступлениях Холокоста была костью раздора по всей Восточной Европе more...

04. 04. 2017 newsmir.info
Пресса Израиля разоблачила ложь и манипуляции Украинского института национальной памяти

Во влиятельной газете «The Jerusalem Post» вышла разгромная статья, изобличающая ложь и манипуляции Владимира Вятровича и Украинского института национальной памяти more...

30. 03. 2017 jpost.com
The fight for historical truth about the Holocaust in Ukraine

The current conflict with Russia has further radicalized the Ukrainian approach to historical memory more...

22. 01. 2017 jpost.com
Positive changes in Lithuania

It’s not every day that Lithuanian high school students block the entrance to their school to keep out their principal and demand the return to work of a beloved teacher who, in their opinion, was unfairly dismissed more...

05. 12. 2016 jpost.com
Achieving justice for victims of Nazis

When Oskar Groening's appeal was rejected,the decision paved the way for additional prosecutions of any person still unpunished who served in the Nazis’ six death camps more...

28. 11. 2016 jpost.com
More work to do on Holocaust in Lithuania

In all these cases, the government continues to fail to perform one of its most elementary duties: to respect the victims of the Holocaust in Lithuania, many of whom were murdered by Lithuanians more...

06. 10. 2016 >talkradio.co.uk
The Nazi hunter: Holocaust collaborators can no longer be excused

This summer and autumn, we mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the systematic murder of European Jewry by the Nazis and their local collaborators in the areas which were then part of the Soviet Union more...

29. 09. 2016 >savj.org
When will Lithuania’s government face the truth about the Holocaust?

(JTA) — Residents of Vilna (Vilnius), Lithuania’s capital, had their pick of two events to mark the 75th anniversary of the Holocaust held this year on Sept. 23, their country’s official Shoah memorial day more...

26. 09. 2016 jpost.com
Jewish Holocaust victims were neighbors and fellow citizens

The project is based on the fact that there are 227 Holocaust mass murder sites in Lithuania scattered all across the country more...

18. 09. 2016 huffingtonpost.com
Is Vladimir Putin Rewriting the Past While Tinkering With Our Future?

For most Americans, “Cold War” is an answer to a multiple choice question on a history test. For the older among us, we remain grateful that Mikhail Gorbachev responded positively to Ronald Reagan’s gutsy call: “Tear down this (Berlin) Wall”! more...

07. 09. 2016 delfi.lt
Pikčiausias nacių medžiotojas konstatavo: įsižiebė viltis, kad situacija Lietuvoje pasikeis

Praėjusią savaitę Molėtuose buvo atidengtas paminklas Holokausto aukoms atminti. Į renginį suvažiavo daugybė žmonių iš įvairių šalies vietų more...

02. 09. 2016 lzb.lt
I’m Not Jewish

That’s what I want to tell everyone who the last three months have tactfully asked this of my friends and relatives. I am not Jewish at all, I don’t have a drop of Jewish blood. So why is he casting his lot with those Jews, what wild insect bit him? That’s another question heard often more...

31. 08. 2016 jpost.com
Hope for change in Lithuania

Let us all hope that the new spirit on display in Moletai will mark the beginning of a new era in Lithuania more...

15. 08. 2016 jpost.com
Bringing Nazis to justice in Germany

The new German prosecution policy is a far better reflection of the reality of the crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II than previous iterations more...

02. 08. 2016 en.delfi.lt
Sergey Kanovich: On protecting anti-Semites

Recently, members of the Vilnius City Street, Monument and Plaque Names Commission considered several different issues more...

17. 07. 2016 defendinghistory.com
Is There Still A Breeding Ground for Ustaša in Croatia?

Croatia is a nation that has been bathed in blood during numerous conflicts, as the victim of the odious Serbian aggression during the recent civil war, and for its football team proudly wearing the red and white checkered reproduction of the national flag. more...

07. 06. 2016 jpost.com
A call for historical accuracy

Sir Richard Evans provides an unequivocal defense of the historical uniqueness of the Holocaust, an assertion which has increasingly come under attack in recent years. more...

05. 05. 2016 jns.org
‘No statute of limitations on genocide,’ Nuremberg anniversary confab reminds

Why should the casual observer care about the seemingly obvious need to prosecute and convict Nazi war criminals, whether it be during the Nuremberg trials of the 1940s or similar proceedings in more recent years? more...

13. 04. 2016 jpost.com
Croatia’s troubled history

Unless the government starts actively and unequivocally fighting against Ustasha nostalgia, and rising neo-fascism and anti-Semitism, it looks like the situation in Croatia will only get worse more...

05. 04. 2016 jpost.com
Is anti-Semitism common in Croatia?

If the prime minister and/or other ministers would have clearly denounced the disgusting behavior of the Croatian fans after the match, the damage done would have been mitigated somewhat more...

21. 03. 2016 jpost.com
Latvia must come to terms with its past

The time has come for the new democracies of Eastern Europe to start facing the historical truth more...

08. 03. 2016 stuff.co.nz
Here’s Why We Have to Put the Last Nazi Death Camp Guards on Trial

There is nothing banal about the evil that these old men did. Without them, the Nazi extermination machine would not have functioned more...

23. 02. 2016 stuff.co.nz
We owe it to the victims to convict elderly Nazis

Karl du Fresne's recent op-ed (What is gained from convicting elderly Nazis?, February 19) is hardly pleasant reading for a person like myself who has devoted the last 35 years to facilitating the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, but he does raise several legitimate points that deserve to be answered more...

16. 02. 2016 israelhayom.com
Our duty to the victims

Since 2001, Germany has convicted all of six defendants accused of Nazi crimes. This year, however, now that the prosecutor's office in Germany has determined that four Germans (three men and a woman) served in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, it's possible we will see a new conviction record. What is behind this sudden surge in indictments in Germany, when 70 years have already passed since the end of World War II and every defendant is over 90 years old? more...

16. 02. 2016 israelhayom.co.il
חובתנו לקורבנות: העמדת הנאצים לדין

מאז שנת 2001 הרשיעה גרמניה בסך הכל ששה נאשמים בפשעי הנאצים. השנה, לעומת זאת, ייתכן שיישבר השיא לאחר שהפרקליטות בגרמניה כבר קבעה שארבעה גרמנים (שלושה גברים ואישה אחת) ששירתו במחנה המוות אושוויץ־בירקנאו יועמדו לדין ב־2016. מה פשר הפרץ הפתאומי הזה של העמדות לדין בגרמניה, כשאנחנו כבר יותר מ־70 שנה לאחר תום מלחמת העולם השנייה וכל הנאשמים הם מעל גיל 90?

15. 02. 2016 jpost.com
Lithuania must confront its past at Kaunas march

Until now, the glorification of the Lithuanian heroes who had played a role in Holocaust crimes was only one of several themes featured at the marches. more...

14. 12. 2015 danas.rs
Nedić ne zaslužuje rehabilitaciju

Od avgusta 1941. do maja 1942. ubijeno je 14.500 od približno 16.000 Jevreja koliko je živelo u Srbiji * Pokušaji da se opere uloga onih koji su aktivno omogućili i/ili učestvovali u uništavanju Jevreja je posebno sramna * Nedićeva rehabilitacija bi bila uvreda za žrtve nacista . more...

15. 09. 2015 i24news.tv
Why Israel fails to confront Lithuania over the Holocaust

Last week Israelis who hail from Lithuania gathered at Yad Vashem to commemorate the annihilation of their communities during the Holocaust. more...

07. 09. 2015 jpost.com
Lithuania and the rewriting of history

The Lithuanian government ties to minimize the highly significant role of local Nazi collaborators in Holocaust crimes. more...

09. 06. 2015 jpost.com
Expedite the pending cases of Nazi war criminals

If anyone needed a reminder about how critical it is these days to expedite the pending cases of Nazi war criminals, we received two such urgent messages late last month. more...

28. 05. 2015 juedische-allgemeine.de
Bringt sie endlich vor Gericht!

Efraim Zuroff will nicht noch mehr Listen, sondern Strafverfolgung von NS-Verbrechern. more...

16. 05. 2015 jpost.com
Putin says Ukraine being overrun by fascists - and he may be right

Kiev has now handed the Kremlin "evidence" for Putin’s claim that Russia is facing off against fascists. more...

11. 05. 2015 blogs.timesofisrael.com
From Holocaust envy to Holocaust theft

This month, on the seventieth anniversary of the defeat of Hitler’s Nazi regime and the end of World War II — ipso facto the end of the Holocaust — Western leaders have been faced with a symbological conundrum. more...

03. 05. 2015 jpost.con
On Nazi war criminals and other suspects

In an op-ed recently published in The Jerusalem Post (“The irony of Lord Janner’s escape from trial” – April 27, 2015), former editor in- chief Jeff Barak linked two legal cases which ostensibly have no connection but relate to Jewish issues, and drew some disturbing and highly questionable conclusions. more...

23. 04. 2015 juedische-allgemeine.de
Was von Lüneburg abhängt

Der Prozess gegen den früheren SS-Mann Oskar Gröning, der in dieser Woche in Lüneburg eröffnet wurde, stellt ein Novum dar. Zum ersten Mal seit dem Urteil gegen John Demjanjuk, einen Wachmann des KZ Sobibor, 2011 in München, wird hier jemand genau deswegen angeklagt, weil er Dienst geleistet hat in einem NS-Todeslager oder in einer der Einsatzgruppen, die mehr als eine Million Juden in der Sowjetunion ermordet haben. more...

21. 04. 2015 washingtonpost.com
Confronting chilling truths about Poland’s wartime history

The transmission of history requires knowledge but also nuance. Nowhere is this more evident than when examining the torturous relations between Jews and the local people among whom they lived in Poland and elsewhere in German-occupied Europe. more...

15. 04. 2015 israelhayom.com
Unabashed anti-Semitism in the Baltics

Two months ago, as Israelis were deciding for whom to vote during a bitter election campaign, nationalist and anti-Semitic demonstrators marched proudly through the streets in the heart of Baltic capitals. more...

29. 03. 2015 i24news.tv
One man's journey to the heartland of fascism

Hostility to minorities and attempts to rewrite Holocaust history in Baltics - but no one cares, except Russia. more...

08. 03. 2015 jpost.com
An alarm bell in Estonia
I went to Estonia to protest and monitor the march as part of a project to document and assess four neo-Nazi/ultra-nationalist marches which are taking place in a span of less than 30 day. more...

18. 02. 2015 ibtimes.co.uk
The Nazi Hunter: Lithuanian Jew-haters gave me a heart attack - but that won't stop me exposing them
This week I had the very unpleasant experience of spending a subzero, freezing Monday afternoon together with several hundred mostly young Lithuanian neo-Nazis and ultranationalists in the center of Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city and its former (interwar) capital. more...

18. 02. 2015 jpost.com
Confronting neo-Nazis in Lithuania
Several hundred people participated in this march, with nary a word of protest from the official Jewish community or any of the embassies, including Israel. more...

15. 02. 2015 i24news.tv
Four Baltic marches, one dangerous racist trend
This coming week will see the opening of what I refer to as "Baltic Neo-Nazi/Ultranationalist March Month." Within exactly 29 days, four such marches will take place in the capital cities of the Baltic European Union members - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. more...

27. 01. 2015 ibtimes.co.uk
Nazi Hunter: 'Auschwitz of the Balkans' drives me to keep chasing Hitler's henchmen
This year, as we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day on the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, I would like to share a personal story with our readers. more...

19. 01. 2015 bicsa.org
Putin sollte zur Gedenkveranstaltung nach Auschwitz eingeladen werden
Es dauerte nicht lange, bis das so viele Menschen weltweit mit den Demonstrierenden in Paris verbindende Gefühl vom letzten Sonntag sich wieder verflüchtigte. Man musste sich nur die ersten beiden [medial so produzierten, d.Red.] Reihen der Solidaritätsdemonstration anschauen. more...

14. 01. 2015 adribosch.wordpress.com
Putin debe ser invitado a Auschwitz
No pasó mucho tiempo para que los sentimientos edificantes tanta gente de todo el mundo se sentían, en la estela de millones, más solidaridad marcha del domingo en París, a disiparse. more...

14. 01. 2015 i24news.tv
Poutine devrait être invité à Auschwitz
Il n'a pas fallu longtemps pour que les édifiants sentiments de si nombreuses personnes partout dans le monde dans le sillage de la marche Républicaine se dissipent ou, du moins, se refroidissent. more...

14. 01. 2015 i24news.tv
يجب دعوة بوتين إلى أوشفيتز

لم يتخذ وقتاً طويلاً للمشاعر الإيجابية لدى الكم الهائل للأشخاص من جميع أنحاء العالم لكي تتلاشى على ضوء المسيرة المليونية التي اقيمت يوم الأحد في باريس للاحتجاج على الموجة الأخيرة من الإرهاب الإسلامي، أو المس بها على الأقل.

14. 1. 2015 i24news.tv
Putin should be invited to Auschwitz
It didn't take long for the uplifting feelings so many people all over the world felt, in the wake of Sunday's million plus solidarity march in Paris, to dissipate. more...

02. 01. 2015 musaf-shabbat.com
קילוף הבצל | אפרים זורוף

דרכה של גרמניה להסרת אחריות מפשעי עברה היא על ידי היפוך התמונה – ראיית הגרמנים כקרבנות הנאציזם והצגת ישראל כפושעת נאצית בעצמה. הסרת עלה התאנה.

01. 1. 2015 i24news.tv
Brussels must confront revival of fascism in Eastern Europe
Croatia's Ante Pavelic, founder of Ustasha movement, was personally responsible for group's genocidal policies. more...

18. 12. 2014 ibtimes.co.uk
Nazi Hunter: 'Accountant of Auschwitz' Oskar Groening must face the reckoning of history
The wheels of justice for the victims of Nazi crimes move in a zig zag and at a frustratingly slow pace, even at this late date in time, when every day that passes can spell the difference between a perpetrator being convicted and punished and a case being dropped for reasons of physical or mental infirmities. more...

26. 10. 2014 jpost.com
Holocaust perpetrators on the dole in the US?
There are two additional very important points which were totally overlooked by the media in its coverage of this issue. more...

19. 10. 2014 jpost.com
False symmetry between perpetrator and victim
Two dramatic presentations being staged this week, in venues thousands of miles apart on two different continents, will be delivering a powerful message with serious negative implications for the Jewish people. more...

07. 10. 2014 i24news.tv
La réhabilitation musicale d'un nazi letton
Une nouvelle pièce en Lettonie dépeint Herberts Cukurs comme un héros national effaçant le cruel tueur de Juif. more...

07. 10. 2014 i24news.tv
The musical rehabilitation of a Latvian mass murderer
A new play in Latvia portrays Herberts Cukurs as a national hero - not the cruel killer of Jews that he was. more...

07. 10. 2014 thejc.com
'Repentance' from Germany offers new hope for justice

The announcement that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has submitted the names of 80 of the youngest men and women who served in the infamous Einsatzgruppen to the German authorities was not purposely planned for the period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. more...

06. 09. 2014 jpost.com
Reflections 75 years after outbreak of Second World War

The good news since the end of World War II is that, so far, the Holocaust has not been repeated, although unfortunately many other terrible events have occurred. more...

01. 09. 2014 ibtimes.co.uk
Has the World Forgotten the Holocaust?

Late last week Spanish fashion giant Zara created another scandal related to the memory of the Holocaust. In 2007, the clothing retail chain shocked many people all over the world by offering handbags with swastikas for sale, which were only removed after a public outcry that generated considerable negative publicity. more...

24. 06. 2014 i24news.tv
Age, ill health does not diminish Nazis' guilt

The arrest last week in the United States of Auschwitz guard Johann Breyer has once again focused public attention on the final efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. more...

14. 06. 2014 jpost.com
Hungary’s dangerous precedent

Anyone who has followed the alarming rise of Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary since its establishment in October 2003, would find the decision of the Supreme Court absolutely incomprehensible. more...

27. 04. 2014 nrg.co.il
אירופה משכתבת היסטוריה ומגמדת את השואה

בעשורים האחרונים המגמה באירופה מתהפכת: שואת היהודים נבלעת, ובמקומה עולה הנרטיב של "שואת המשטרים הטוטליטריים" .

11. 04. 2014 newswe.com‏‏
Балтийские марши – на опасном направлении

В то время, как внимание всего мира приковано к Крымcкому кризису, на улицы балтийских столиц, нынешних и довоенных, выходят ультранационалисты. Маршируя, они хотят продемонстрировать свой исключительный патриотизм и одновременно демонстрируют экстремизм, ксенофобию и опасное стремление к пересмотру признанной истории Второй мировой войны и Холокоста. more...

05. 04. 2014 jpost.com‏‏
Jewish leadership in the Baltic states

The end of Soviet/Communist oppression and persecution presented a wonderful opportunity for the type of meaningful Jewish life taken for granted elsewhere in the Jewish world. more...

28. 03. 2014 tabletmag.com‏‏
Standing up to Anti-Semitism in the Baltics

I first started demonstrating for Jewish causes almost 50 years ago, in the mid-1960s, as a young and impressionable high school student recruited for the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry by its founder, Jacob Birnbaum. more...

March 2014 בשביל הזכרון Be-Shvil Ha-Zikaron [Yad Vashem]
לכידת פושעים נאצים והעמדתם לדין
תמונת מצב

שמעון ויזנטל לא היה היחיד שהקדיש שנים רבות למאמצים לאתר ולהעמיד לדין פושעים נאצים, אך נדמה שיותר מכל אדם אחר הוא נהפך בעולם המערבי לסמל המאבק להבאתם לדין של מי שביצעו את פשעי השואה.

21. 03. 2014 blogs.timesofisrael.com‏‏
Avet neofašizma na Baltiku

Iako je pažnja svetske javnosti usredsređena na razvoj krize na Krimu, baltički ultranacionalisti izašli su na ulice aktuelnih i predratnih prestonica da bi demonstrirali svoj ekstremni patriotizam, izrazili ksenofobiju i promovisali opasnu doradu prihvaćene priče o Drugom svetskom ratu i Holokaustu. more...

20. 03. 2014 jig.ru‏‏
Об отношении литовцев к Холокосту

Недавно произошли три события, которые отражают амбивалентность современной еврейской жизни в странах Прибалтики и, в частности, в Литве – самой большой из трех новых прибалтийских демократий. more...

18. 03. 2014 jpost.com
Baltic marches to a dangerous drum
Ultra-nationalists pitch a dangerous revision of the accepted narrative of World War II and the Holocaust. more..

14. 03. 2014 thejc.com‏‏
Vilnius, March 11: my date with raw hate

March 11 is the day Lithuanian independence was restored in 1990, with the Soviet Union on the brink of collapse. more...

11. 03. 2014 huffingtonpost.co.uk‏‏
A Wake-up Call to Lithuania and Brussels to the Growth of Fascist Ideology and Anti-Semitism

This morning I woke up to a brilliantly sunny day here in Vilnius, Lithuania, and for the first time I can remember, I cursed the good weather. more...

06.02.2014 politika.rs
Центар Симон Визентал позвао Хрватску да убрза истрагу

ЗАГРЕБ – Центар Симон Визентал, који се бави откривањем нацистичких злочинаца, позвао је данас хрватске власти да убрзају истрагу Осјечанина Јакоба Денцингера (90), за кога се сумња да је био чувар у нацистичком логору Аушвиц. more...

Feb. 6, 2014 Jutarnji List‏‏
Jakobu Dencingeru treba suditi zbog njegovih ærtava u Auschwitzu

Sada hrvatsko tuæiteljstvo mora odluËiti hoÊe li samo pokrenuti postupak ili Êe Ëekati na zahtjev za izruËenjem kako bi se Ëuvaru iz konclogora sudilo u NjemaËkoj. more...

27. 01. 2014 blogs.timesofisrael.com‏‏
An Israeli agenda for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Almost a decade has passed since the historic decision by the United Nations in 2005 to designate January 27, the day of the liberation by the Soviet Red Army of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. more...

26. 01. 2014 ynet.co.il
הזקנה היא לא משתנה במשוואה: עבודתו של צייד נאצים

"אם הייתי תופס את מי שרצח את סבתא שלך לא היה אכפת לך שהוא בן 95" אומר ד"ר אפרים זורוף, צייד הנאצים הראשי של מרכז שמעון ויזנטל. כמעט 70 שנים אחרי מלחה"ע השנייה הוא לא מוכן לוותר לאלו שחרבו את עולמנו ומסביר שגם לנו אסור לשכוח ולהשאיר בעבר את מה שקרה לעם היהודי


17. 11. 2013 defendinghistory.com‏‏
Forget Me Knot

In an attempt to maintain their reputation as the most anti-Semitic major newspaper in Lithuania, the editors at Respublika have fired a new salvo in their information war against the international forces of Communist Zionism with a straw-man argument designed to rehabilitate the swastika as a Lithuanian cultural heritage symbol. more...

21. 07. 2013 brandeiscenter.com
There Should Be No Age Limit on Prosecution of "Most Wanted" War Criminals
When the Simon Wiesenthal Center was founded in 1977, Dean Rabbi Marvin Hier promised Simon Wiesenthal that bringing Holocaust perpetrators to justice would be the number one priority.


05. 07. 2013 blogs.timesofisrael.com
The lie of Nazis as liberators
I would be extremely surprised if any of the readers of this article have ever heard of Limbazi, Latvia, but as of now the name of that town should light up a few red lights of caution in Western capitals, as well as in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. more...

30. 06. 2013 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Nazis in their nineties: not too old for justice
Two unusual news stories published this month regarding Nazi war criminals living in two different continents sent a powerful and somewhat surprising message regarding the ongoing search for the perpetrators of the Holocaust and related crimes committed by the collaborators of the Third Reich.


21. 05. 2013 jpost.com
How not to fight anti-Semitism
Since 2007, I have actively participated in all three global forums held in Jerusalem to combat anti- Semitism. more...

19. 05. 2013 blogs.timesofisrael.com
A Hungarian speech that signified nothing

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban this month addressed the annual plenary of the World Jewish Congress, which was held in Budapest. more...

29. 04. 2013 jpost.com‏‏
Whitewashing anti-Semitism

Next month, the fourth International Conference of the Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism will convene in Jerusalem under the auspices of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. more...

09. 04. 2013 jpost.com
A threat too serious to ignore

Listening to the heartfelt and passionate speeches by Israeli leaders and public figures about the importance of remembering the Holocaust at the various ceremonies held around the country this Yom Hashoah, one could easily get the impression that no subject, perhaps with the obvious exception of Israeli security, was of greater concern. more...

05. 04. 2013 The Times of Israel
Hunting Nazis is still relevant

On the eve of Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day in Israel, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has released its latest list of the “Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals” and the primary findings of its twelfth annual report on the “Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals.” more...

11. 03. 2013 thejc.com
Dismay over Shoah findings

I have to admit that my initial reaction to the media revelations regarding the figures on the number of camps in the Third Reich as published in the New York Times on March 1 was one of annoying dismay. more...

09. 03. 2013 The Jerusalem Post
Vilnius must confront neo-Nazi march

On Monday, March 11, as many as several thousand Lithuanian neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists will conduct a patriotic march in the capital of Vilnius (Vilna) to mark Lithuanian independence day. more...

25. 02. 2013 algemeiner.com
Purim in Lithuania? A Season for State-Approved Neo-Nazi City-Center Marches

Since the Holocaust, Purim and the Book of Esther cannot be taken only in the light-hearted spirit of the merriest of holidays. more...

18. 02. 2013 The Times of Israel
A Lithuanian neo-Nazi march: too close for comfort

Even passively monitoring a neo-Nazi march is hardly my idea of oneg Shabbat (rejoicing on Sabbath), but that is how I spent last Saturday afternoon in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, known to many of us as Kovno, once one of the most important centers of Jewish life and learning in Eastern Europe. more...

27. 01. 2013 Times of Israel
The alarming corruption of Holocaust memory

I have no doubt that International Holocaust Remembrance Day serves an important function, especially in countries where the subject is otherwise routinely ignored. more...

27. 01. 2013 Ma'ariv

25. 01. 2013 jpost.com
Hunting Nazi war criminals

For the past eleven years, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has published an annual report on the efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice all over the world. more...


19. 12. 2012 zman.com
Instead of Truth about the Holocaust – Myths about Saving Jews

Neither me nor my wife Anita are specialist researchers of the Holocaust. more...

18.12.2012 blogs.timesofisrael.com
Estonia's severe case of Holocaust amnesia
The visit to Israel of a foreign prime minister used to be a big deal. more...

25. 11. 2012 blogs.timesofisrael.com
A bright moment in Hungary

Leaving Israel in times of crisis is never easy, for all the obvious reasons. The natural concern over The Situation in general (Israel's geo-political situation and critical interests) and the safety of loved ones first and foremost, but not only, often make a trip abroad in the middle of a war, or even a  limited military operation, or such an operation that might escalate into a war, a very nerve-wracking experience. more...

25. 11. 2012  

The Holocaust in Europe has brought forth a certain number of photographs of victims of Nazism. more...

14. 10. 2012 timesofisrael.com
Pardoning Nazism, in the name of Lithuanian-Jewish relations

This week, one of the more shameful events in Lithuanian-Jewish relations since the Baltic republic regained independence in 1991 will be hosted in New York by the once-venerable YIVO Institute. more...

25. 09. 2012 mexico.cnn.com
OPINIÓN: Perseguir a los nazis sigue siendo un asunto de dignidad

(CNN)  Durante 32 años me he involucrado activamente en los esfuerzos continuos para llevar a los nazis ante la justicia y la pregunta que comúnmente me hacen sobre la edad de los perseguidos. more...

25. 09. 2012 cnn.com
Opinion: Why Nazi hunting is still a worthy pursuit

(CNN) -- For thirty-two years I have been actively involved in the ongoing efforts to help bring Nazi war criminals to justice -- and the most common question I am asked concerns the age of the perpetrators. more...

06. 09. 2012 Ha-Aretz
Killed by their neighbors

The Kuniuchowsky collection of testimonies of Holocaust survivors from the provincial towns and villages of Lithuania first came to my attention more than 30 years ago. more...

24. 08. 2012 Australian Jewish News
The Zentai travesty

Last week’s High Court decision was less a triumphant victory for an alleged war criminal than a sorry indictment of Australia’s senior judiciary. more...

23. 08. 2012 theaustralian.com.au
The case that broke the heart of a Nazi hunter

AT the end of next week I will have spent 32 years as a "Nazi hunter" trying to facilitate the prosecution of people who in the service of Nazi Germany or in alliance with its regime engaged in persecuting and/or murdering innocent civilians categorised as "enemies" of the Third Reich. more...

14. 08. 2012 timesofisrael.com
One last chance for justice Down Under

Wednesday morning in Canberra the Australian High Court will announce whether Charles (Karoly) Zentai, who is accused of murdering a Jewish teenager he caught on a Budapest tram without the requisite yellow star in November 1944, can be extradited to Hungary. The decision will mark the culmination of a legal battle which has gone on for almost eight years, since I first exposed him living in Perth, Australia, in late 2004. more...

22.07.2012 El Mundo[Spain]
Un confidente vendió a Laszlo Csatary, de 97 años, por 25.000 dólares. El comprador fue el mayor «cazanazis» delmundo, Efraim Zuroff, que nos escribe la operación. more...

19. 07. 2012 jpost.com
The truth about Lithuania

Guest columnist, Efraim Zuroff speaks about the uniquely extensive role played by Lithuanians in the mass murder of Jews. more...

19. 07. 2012 juedische-allgemeine.de
Massenmord verjährt nicht

Wenn wieder einmal ein greiser Nazi-Kriegsverbrecher ausfindig gemacht wird, stellt sich von Jahr zu Jahr deutlicher die Frage, ob der Aufwand, eine solche Person zu verfolgen, noch lohne – angesichts des fortgeschrittenen Alters und der oft angegriffenen Gesundheit. Diese Reaktion gab es auch, als bekannt wurde, dass das Simon Wiesenthal Center, dokumentiert von der britischen Boulevardzeitung »The Sun«, den 97-jährigen László Csatáry in Budapest aufgespürt hat. more...

17. 07. 2012 timesofisrael.com
Hungary must bring Laszlo Csatary to justice

Welcome to Israel, President Ader. It is indeed an auspicious occasion that has prompted your visit to Jerusalem. Raoul Wallenberg was one of the greatest of Righteous among the Nations, and it is fitting that his one-hundredth birthday will be marked at the Knesset of the Jewish State, which is now the home of so many of the Jews he helped save. more...

05. 07. 2012 jpost.com
The death of a Nazi-hunter

It is a shame that Cukurs’ many heinous crimes were never presented to a court of law, but at least he was not able to escape punishment. more...

14. 06. 2012 timesofisrael.com
On sidelines of Euro 2012, anti-Semitism is alive and kicking

Despite visits to Auschwitz by teams playing in the continent’s premier international competition, the venues of some of the games leave much to be desired. more...

28. 05. 2012 jpost.com
A new dilemma in hosting a German president

Can Israel finally take a major active step in this direction and not squander the opportunity presented by Gauck's visit. more...

15. 05. 2012 jpost.com
Lithuania’s shame

On May 17, the remains of former head of Lithuanian Provisional Government of June 1941 post Nazi invasion to be reburied in Vilnius. more...

20. 04. 2012 Ha-Aretz
Of justice and politics

This past year, for the first time in a decade, two trials of Nazi war criminals indicted on criminal charges – with the defendants present and in reasonable health – were concluded in two different European countries. more...

23.3.2012 Makor Rishon
הכול שפיט
ירושת דמיאניוק

בשבת האחרונה נסתם הגולל על סיפורו המפותל של הפושע הנאצי איוון דמיאניוק, שמת בגיל 91 בבית אבות בגרמניה.

22. 03. 2012 timesofisrael.com
Why Joachim Gauck is wrong for Germany

The newly elected German leader is likely to strengthen the voices that seek to de-emphasize the historical significance of the Holocaust. more...

19. 03. 2012 timesofisrael.com
The legacy of the Demjanjuk saga

The determination not to ignore a perpetrator of low rank — even if he wasn’t ‘Ivan the Terrible’ — reinforces the individual liability of all Nazi war criminals. more...

16. 03. 2012 taz.de
Der Rückfall

Der Leiter des Simon Wiesenthal Centers in Jerusalem erklärt, warum er Gauck für den falschen Bundespräsidenten hält. Es geht um dessen Deutung des Holocausts. more...

16. 01. 2012 haaretz.com
No rehabiliten a los culpables

En Kiev, Odessa y Lviv, el 1 de enero, cientos de personas marcharon para conmemorar el nacimiento del héroe nacionalista ucraniano Stepan Bandera, que encabezó la Organización de Nacionalistas Ucranianos (OUN, por su sigla en inglés), que colaboró con los Nazis y participó activamente en la matanza en masa de judíos, después de la ocupación alemana de Ucrania en 1941. more...

13. 01. 2012 haaretz.com
Don't rehabilitate the guilty

It is time for the Israeli government and Jewish defense organizations to begin actively combating the dangerous phenomena of Holocaust distortion. more...

04. 01. 2012 jpost.com
Nazi memorial in Croatia a disgrace to Europe

A service for Hitler is unthinkable. So why is the world quiet in response to a service for Ante Pavelić?
Imagine for a minute that memorial masses were held in two major cities in Germany on the anniversary of the death of Adolf Hitler. more...


10. 08. 2011 defendinghistory.com
Lithuania and Austria: Birds of a Feather
Poor Lithuania. For the past two decades, the country has been trying without any success to bring to justice officers of the Soviet KGB’s elite Alpha Group, which murdered 13 Lithuanian citizens at a dramatic showdown at the Vilnius TV tower between local freedom activists and Soviet forces, which had been dispatched by Moscow to thwart the burgeoning local independence movement. more...

10. 08. 2011 lrytas.lt
Lietuva ir Austrija: toks tokį pažino
Vargšė Lietuva. Du pastaruosius dešimtmečius šalis nesėkmingai bando patraukti teisinėn atsakomybėn karininkus iš sovietų KGB elitinės „Alfa“ grupės, kuri nužudė 13 Lietuvos piliečių (iš viso žuvusiųjų buvo 14, o po keleto dienų nuo žaizdų ligoninėje mirė dar du – lrytas.lt past.) dramatiškame susidūrime prie Vilniaus televizijos bokšto tarp vietinių laisvės aktyvistų ir sovietinių pajėgų, kurios buvo Maskvos atsiųstos, kad sutrukdytų sparčiai augančiam nepriklausomybės judėjimui. more...

04. 08. 2011 fn.hu
Efraim Zuroff kételkedik a magyar bíróságok függetlenségében
A híres zsidó nácivadász Képíró felmentésével kapcsolatban kételkedik a magyar igazságszolgáltatás függetlenségében. more...

03. 08. 2011 jpost.com
Sandor Kepiro and the question of Hungarian justice
Every democracy claims its judiciary is independent, but there is no doubt that the courts also reflect local political opinions and prejudices. more...

07. 06. 2011 cclj.be
Kepiro : L'heure du jugement
Agé de 97 ans, Sandor Kepiro a dû répondre devant la Justice hongroise de sa responsabilité dans un massacre de Juifs et de Serbes commis en janvier 1942 à Novi Sad. Un procès qui prouve que ni le temps ni l’âge avancé ne permettent aux criminels de guerre d’échapper à la Justice. more...

17. 05. 2011 forward.com
Hunting Demjanjuk
The End of a Decades-Long Case and What It Means
At long last, the seemingly endless saga of Ivan Demjanjuk appears to have finally come to an end. What began in the United States in the 1970s as an investigation of a suspected armed SS Ukrainian guard at the Sobibor death camp, concluded more than 35 years later in a Munich courtroom with a verdict confirming that initial allegation. more...

13. 05. 2011 haaretz.com
Bittersweet victory
On January 23, 2007, I was one of the speakers at the annual memorial service in the Serbian city of Novi Sad for the victims of the January 23, 1942, mass murder of at least 1,246 residents, mostly Jewish, Serb or Roma, by the Hungarian military and gendarmerie. more...

13. 05. 2011 jpost.com
Demjanjuk: A powerful verdict, bitterly undermined
Dedicated to the memory of Berta (Betty) David z"l, who was deported to Sobibor from Holland on July 23, 1943, and was murdered in the camp, and to the grandmother of my neighbor Yehuda David. more...

08. 05. 2011 Ha-Aretz "Books" supplement
The equivalency canard
In this bold attempt to reframe a critical period in modern Eastern European history, Yale historian Tim Snyder redraws historical boundaries to create an artificial geographic entity that he dubs “the Bloodlands,” taking in the area from central Poland to western Russia through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. more...

08. 05. 2011 La Repubblica
È giusto giudicarlo anche se è un vecchio
If anyone needed any proof of the relevance of the trial of Dr. Sandor Kepiro for contemporary Hungarian society, it was forthcoming at Friday's session, the second day of the legal proceedings against the 97 year-old former officer of the gendarmerie, who is accused of war crimes committed in the course of a mass murder carried out by Hungarian forces on January 23, 1942 in the Serbian city of Novi Sad, then under Hungarian occcupation. more...

08. 05. 2011 La Repubblica
È giusto giudicarlo anche se è un vecchio
Gli opposti schieramenti, nell’attuale dibattito politico in Ungheria, considerano questo caso in modo diametralmente opposto. Kepiro non nega di essere stato di servizio come ufficiale della gendarmeria ungherese di Novi Sad, quel giorno. more...

03. 05. 2011 winnipegjewishreview.com
The history of the Holocaust is being undermined by Holocaust Obfuscation, a sophisticated new movement emanating from some East European countries and their spokespersons internationally. more...

23. 03. 2011 jpost.com
Harrowing sights in the Baltics
Within the last two weeks, both Lithuania and Latvia hosted well-attended marches likely to send shivers down Holocaust survivors’ spines and arouse tragic memories. more...

04. 02. 2011 thejc.com
A shameful Shoah whitewash
A financially-strapped small Eastern European country is spending tens of thousands of pounds to sponsor an extraordinarily large number of political and cultural events - lectures, concerts, exhibitions and films - in London next week. more...

31. 01. 2011 Süddentsche Zeitung [Munich]
Mut Zur Erlichkeit (Courage to be Honest)
The only way to accurately describe my reaction to the news would be shock and outrage. According to a story published by Bild and later corroborated and expanded upon by additional German media outlets, the BND knew as early as 1952 that arch-Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, the person responsible for implementing and maximizing the Nazis' Endlősung plan for the annihilation of the Jewish people, was living in Argentina under the name of Clement, and the German government did absolutely nothing to apprehend him. more...

31. 01. 2011 Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Mut zur Ehrlichkeit
50 Jahre nach dem Eichmann-Prozess: Spät, aber energisch hat Deutschland die Verfolgung von NS-Verbrechern aufgenommen more...

28. 01. 2011 Makor Rishon
הדייג העלה בחכתו רק נעל
צריך להיזהר מכל מיני היסטוריונים מטעם עצמם שבודים סיפורים בדיוניים בקשר לשואה. עיני אינה צרה באף צייד שחשף פושע נאצי, אבל מארק גולד העלה בחכתו מגיה זוטר, לא פושע מלחמה תגובה על מאמרו של אמנון לורד

04. 01. 2011 ynetnews.com
Lithuanian lie, Israeli silence
Two weeks ago, Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius visited Israel at the head of a large delegation of public figures and businessmen. more...


31. 12. 2010 ynet.co.il
השקר של ליטא והשתיקה הישראלית
המדינה הבלטית משקיעה מאמצים בניסיון לזכות בהכרה בטענתה השקרית, שפשעי הקומוניזם שווים לאלה של הנאצים. אבל איש לא ביקר את ראש ממשלת ליטא על כך, בזמן שהיה בא

30. 12. 2010 israelnationalnews.com
Debate Goes On: Nazi Hunter Zuroff vs. Researcher Rabbi Rosenson
This is Part 4 of an ongoing, emotional debate started when INN interviewed Rabbi Y. Rosenson, Dean of Efrata Teachers College in Jerusalem and a noted researcher and writer on Lithuanian Jewry and the Holocaust. Efraim Zuroff took issue with the facts and their interpretation. more...

28. 12. 2010 israelnationalnews.com
Part III: Rosenson Denies Zuroff's Accusations on Lithuania
Rabbi Yisrael Rosenson of Efrata Teachers College says that he can understand why Dr. Efraim Zuroff, head of the Jerusalem branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, would take exception to his opinion that something has changed - for the better - in the attitude of the Lithuanian people to the Jews. "But after years of research and experience, I really do think that this change is real," he told Israel National News. more...

26. 12. 2010 israelnationalnews.com
Dr.Efraim Zuroff, Nazi Hunter: Lithuania Has Not Changed
The visit to Israel this past week of Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius went virtually unnoticed by the Israeli media. In fact, the report by David Lev on Friday on Israel National News ("Is Lithuania Sincere About Owing Up to its Holocaust Past?") was, to the best of my knowledge, the only attempt to assess the most important aspect of current Lithuanian-Jewish relations, the attitude of the Baltic republic to its bloody Holocaust past and the extensive complicity of Lithuanians in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews (both in their own country and outside her borders), in the light of recent attempts by Lithuania and its Baltic neighbors to rewrite the history of the Shoa [Holocaust, ed.] in a totally distorted manner. more...

19. 12. 2010 jpost.com
Take Lithuania to task
Visit by Kubilius presents an important opportunity to confront the Lithuanians on their shameful approach to Holocaust issues. more...

12. 12. 2010 micciacorta.it
Generazione perduta
Gli stati totalitari tendono per natura a cercare di distruggere la realtà per poi ricostruirla secondo la propria ideologia e visione del mondo. Perciò, oltre a espandere i confini del Terzo Reich e a tentare di sopprimere o decimare le popolazioni considerate inferiori, i nazisti hanno varato una serie di progetti finalizzati all´incremento e al miglioramento della razza ariana. more...

08. 12. 2010 guardian.co.uk
Mark Gould, self-seeking Nazi-hunter
The fact that Bernhard Frank was a mere SS penpusher, not the Holocaust's prime mover, calls into question Gould's motives more...

29. 11. 2010 guardian.co.uk
US must take a tougher line on Baltic revisionism
The resignation late last week of historian Petras Stankeras from his post as a "senior specialist" at the Lithuanian ministry of the interior received little attention in the US, but the scandal that prompted his decision to give up his job should set off a red warning light in Washington, and especially in the state department and the US embassy in Vilnius. more...

15. 11. 2010 guardian.co.uk
The US record on Nazi war criminals
If nothing else, the revelations in Sunday's front-page story in the New York Times on the Justice Department's continued refusal since 2006 to make public a report summarising the efforts of its Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, clearly shows that even more than 65 years after the end of the second world war, Nazi crimes and the efforts to bring Holocaust perpetrators to justice are still a source of controversy and public interest. more...

29. 09. 2010 guardian.co.uk
A dangerous Nazi-Soviet equivalence
Timothy Snyder's emphasis on the Hitler-Stalin pact as the genesis of war blurs the moral responsibility that was Germany's. more...

17. 09. 2010 thejc.com
Analysis: The price one pays for seeking justice
As someone accustomed to hate mail, death threats, and assorted negative responses to my efforts to help facilitate the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, perhaps I should not have been surprised by what happened to me recently, but I have to say that the immediacy of the attack in question, and its abhorrent content, gave me pause for reflection about my chosen mission in life and the person who inspired me to undertake it. more...

27. 08. 2010 jpost.com
A threat to Holocaust memory
I welcome the opportunity to explain the significant dangers posed by the steps called for by the signees of the Prague Declaration. more...

15. 07. 2010 West australia

Summer 2010 Summer 5770/2010//Ha-Umma

01. 05. 2010 jpost.com
No tolerance for false history
On a recent visit to Vilnius, the US spokeswoman on anti-Semitism failed to address Lithuania’s attempt to hide its active complicity in the Shoah. more...

15. 04. 2010 PRISM-spring 2010

15. 04. 2010 thejc.com
Analysis: How I decide which Nazis we must pursue
Earlier this week, Israel and the Jewish world marked Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Memorial Day.
This year, for the ninth time, we used the day to release our annual report on the worldwide investigation and prosecution of Nazi war criminals, and a "Most Wanted" list of Nazi criminals. more...

11. 04. 2010 walla.co.il
ציד הנאצים עוד לא נגמר
ככל שנוקפות השנים פוחתים הסיכויים לאתר פושעים נאצים, אולם במרכז שמעון ויזנטל לא אומרים נואש. צייד הנאצים הראשי של המרכז משתף בטור אישי

09. 04. 2010 guardian.co.uk
Jobbik holds key to war criminal's fate
If the ultranationalists become the main opposition in Hungary, it is unlikely Sandor Kepiro will ever be brought to justice more...

03. 04. 2010 guardian.co.uk
The threat of Baltic ultra-nationalism
The EU is wrong to ignore the resurgence of neofascism in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – it threatens European democracy more...

26. 03. 2010 guardian.co.uk
No time limit for Nazi convictions
It is part of society's obligation to the victims to make a serious effort to hold Nazi criminals such as Heinrich Boere to account more...

19. 03. 2010 inosmi.ru
Опасное переписывание истории в Латвии
На этой неделе я принимал участие в акции протеста против тех, кто изображает Ваффен-СС как героев. Британии также следовало бы выступить против них. more...

17. 03. 2010 guardian.co.uk
Dangerous history-rewriting in Latvia
This week I took part in a protest against those who paint the Waffen-SS as heroes. Britain should take a similar stand more...

27. 01. 2010 guardian.co.uk
Two lives and the Holocaust
The lives of a Nazi collaborator and a woman who helped to hide Anne Frank illuminate the history of the Holocaust.
Earlier this month, on 11 January, two individuals whose lives were bound up with the story of the Holocaust died. One was male, the other female. The former was born and lived in Estonia but later fled to Finland and Sweden and ultimately found refuge in Venezuela, where he became a multimillionaire. more...

16. 01. 2010 jpost.com
One who got away
Last week, suspected Estonian Nazi war criminal Harry Mannil died unprosecuted in San Jose, Costa Rica at the age of 89.
Mannil, who served for the first year of the Nazi occupation in the Estonian Political Police in Tallinn - which was responsible for the arrest and murder of numerous Jews and communists - was ranked No. 10 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center's most recent "Most Wanted" list. more...

08. 01. 2010 thejc.com
Analysis: A sinister scheme to devalue the Holocaust is gathering steam
The question of how Lithuania deals with its Holocaust past has simmered for 18 years, ever since it gained independence. But in the past few weeks it has become crucial, due to Lithuania’s campaign to obtain recognition that Communism is the equivalent of Nazism. more...


22.12. 2009 voices.washingtonpost.com
Why Demjanjuk matters
Hundreds of journalists were in the courtroom in Munich for the opening this month of the trial of 89-year-old John Demjanjuk, the retired U.S. auto worker who is charged as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews for his alleged activities as a guard at the Sobibor concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II. Millions of others watched on TV or on their computers as Demjanjuk was wheeled into the courtroom on a hospital gurney. more...

22.12. 2009 jpost.com
Of insult and mockery
Last month, I was invited to attend two important conferences convened to combat contemporary anti-Semitism. The larger and ostensibly more important one was the annual meeting of the Global Forum to Combat Anti-Semitism, which is sponsored by the Foreign Ministry and deals with the diverse forms of the problem all over the world. more...

10.12. 2009 jta.org
Nazi perpetrators must face justice
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- The efforts to hold Holocaust perpetrators accountable are indeed in their final phase. Still, with legal action of various forms having been taken recently against four of the 10 Nazi war criminals on the Wiesenthal Center's "Most Wanted‚" list, it seems clear that the push for justice will continue -- and register more victories than initially expected. more...

03.12. 2009 thejc.com
Analysis: Some still believe he is a victim
If anyone hoped that the horrific crimes committed at the Sobibor death camp would occupy centre stage at the opening of the Demjanjuk trial, they were in for a rude awakening in Munich. more...

15.11. 2009 latimes.com
Operation: Last Chance pays off in Hungary
A Hungarian Jewish teen has not been forgotten, 65 years after his murder. Neither has the man who may have helped kill him -- and now he will face justice. more...

03.11.09 profil.at
„Fehlgeleitete Sympathie“
In Österreich waren Bestrebungen, Nazi-Kriegsverbrecher zur Rechenschaft zu ziehen, noch nie besonders populär. Aber es hat immer ein wichtiges Nachrichtenmagazin gegeben, das dieses Thema mit Sympathie und Respekt behandelte. more...

14.10.09 guardian.co.uk
Eastern Europe's long-buried truths
If anyone needed additional proof of the unsuitability of the Latvian For Fatherland and Freedom party as a partner for the British Conservatives, their response to a ceremony held yesterday in Riga to honour the Soviet soldiers who liberated the city in 1944 should be a stark reminder of the lack of shared values between the two parties. more...

  Fall 2009//shalom-magazine.com
Le cas Demjanjuk
Au moment où cet article paraît dans le magazine Shalom, il se peut fort bien que le dossier le plus complexe de l'histoire judiciaire des criminels de guerre nazis trouve enfin un épilogue où justice sera faite. more...

28. 09. 2009 guardian.co.uk
The Nazi whitewash
The sight of SS veterans marching down the main avenue of the capital city of a member of Nato and the European Union is hardly a sight to bring joy to the heart of a British political leader. more...

22. 08. 2009 jpost.com
Rewriting Shoah history in Estonia
Most people in Israel when asked to identify the country which hosted the most recent reunion of Waffen-SS veterans would probably guess either Germany or Austria, which is a logical but incorrect response. more...

20. 07. 2009 kloty.blogspot.com
Gemeinsamer Tag des Gedenkens an Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus?
Obwohl es schwer zu glauben ist, ist es durchaus möglich, dass in einigen Jahren in Europa es keinen eigenen Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Holocausts geben wird. Stattdessen werden die Europäer den 23. August im Kalender ankreiden als Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nazismus und Kommunismus. more...

12. 07. 2009 jpost.com
A combined day of commemoration for the victims of Nazism and communism?
As hard as this may be to believe, it is entirely possible that in a few years, Europe will no longer set aside a special day to commemorate the Holocaust. Instead, Europeans will mark August 23, the day of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop nonaggression pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, which paved the way for the German and Russian invasions of Poland, as a day of commemoration for the victims of Nazism and communism. more...

06. 07. 2009 Fall 2009//SHALOM
The Longest Case Ever – The Story of Ivan Demjanjuk
By the time this article reaches the readers of SHALOM, it is quite possible that the most complex case ever of a prosecuted Nazi war criminal will finally have reached its conclusion. I am referring to the trial of Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Ivan Demjanjuk which will most probably have begun in a Munich courtroom in late summer 2009 and will hopefully end an incredibly lengthy saga which included numerous trials in three different continents but has hereto failed to yield an unequivocal verdict and an appropriate punishment. more...

22. 06. 2009 jpost.com
Bringing Sandor Kepiro to trial
This week's visit by Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Banjai is an excellent opportunity to focus on one of the most important and interesting cases of a Nazi war criminal who can still be brought to justice. more...

14. 03. 2009 Jüdische Allgemeine
Alles, was Recht ist

13. 05. 2009 jpost.com
Analysis: Benedict missed a critical opportunity for reconciliation
Every speech by a pope at Yad Vashem is a significant occasion for the leader of the Catholic Church to directly address issues of concern relating to the Holocaust. more...

March 2009 Mauthausen Memorial Yearbook 2008


Fall 2008 shalom-magazine.com

Für viele Menschen ist der südamerikanische Kontinent - nicht ganz grundlos - fast gleichbedeutend mit einem Zufluchtsort nationalsozialistischer Kriegsverbrecher. In den ersten Jahren nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg flohen zahlreiche Nazis, die in der Schoah eine gewichtige Rolle spielten, nach Lateinamerika und fanden vor allem in Argentinien Zuflucht. more...

Fall 2008 shalom-magazine.com
La traque

Pour beaucoup de gens, le continent sud-américain est presque devenu synonyme de criminels de guerre nazis, non sans raison. Au cours des premières années après la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, un grand nombre de fugitifs nazis, qui avaient joué un rôle de premier plan dans la Shoa, ont trouvé refuge en Amérique latine, particulièrement en Argentine. more...

2.10. 2008


Lithuania's crocodile tears

September 23 was the anniversary of the 1943 liquidation of the Vilna Ghetto, and as it has every year since 1994, Lithuania observed Jewish Genocide Day, to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. more...

20.08. 2008


Analysis: Australia's moment of truth

The decision by Perth Magistrate Barbara Lane on Wednesday to allow the extradition of Karoly (Charles) Zentai to Hungary to stand trial for the murder of Jewish teenager Peter Balazs in Budapest on November 8, 1944, paves the way for an unprecedented, historic victory for Holocaust justice in Australia. more...

1.08. 2008 haaretz.com
Pursuing a symbol of Nazi perversion
Doesn't the world owe it to all the Nazis' victims to make equal efforts to bring each of their torturers and killers to justice? Recently, I've found myself increasingly preoccupied with that question, following a two-week mission to South America on the trail of the Wiesenthal Center's most-wanted Nazi war criminal, Dr. Aribert Heim. more...

1.08. 2008 GLOBUS
"Sramota je da Sakica zovu uzorom Hrvata"
(It is a disgrace that Sakic is treated like a role-model for Croatians)
The death in Zagreb early last week of former Jasenovac commandant Dinko Sakic is a strong reminder that Croatia is rapidly approaching the end of an important phase of its confrontation with its World War II history and the legacy of the NDH. more...

1.08. 2008 GLOBUS


23.04. 2008 jpost.com
  Background: Australian court removes barrier
  Wednesday's decision by the Australian Supreme Court to reject a legal challenge by suspected Hungarian Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai to prevent his extradition to stand trial in Budapest for alleged crimes during World War II puts an end to one of the most bizarre efforts ever mounted to block the prosecution of a Holocaust perpetrator. more...

18.04. 2008 haaretz.com
  A presidential exoneration
  It's unlikely that April 14 will become a national holiday in Poland in the future, but I have no doubt that this past Monday provided much cause for jubilation in Warsaw. more...

11.02. 2008 newstatesman.com

Last chance to catch the Nazis

The news that Austria is re-opening the case of Erna Wallisch, a female guard at the Majdanek death camp, currently residing in Vienna, was accompanied in many media outlets by a photograph of an elderly, rather disoriented housewife - who looked as if she had been awaken from a deep sleep. more...


21.12. 2007  

21.12. 2007 "Globus"

Death of Rojnica is a Stain on the Croatian Judiciary

One of the most powerful memories I have of my first visit to Croatia in the summer of 1998 was of a conversation that I had with a Jewish female Holocaust survivor living in Dubrovnik. more...

9.12.2007 pagina12.com.ar
  La ironía de Rojnica
  Es una ironía que el criminal de guerra ustacha Ivo Rojnica muera en simultáneo con el lanzamiento en este país de la fase final del programa “Operación Ultima Oportunidad” para Sudamérica. Rojnica no era una de las personas específicamente buscadas en este marco –sus antecedentes eran conocidos hace años, y el sentido de este programa es localizar a los criminales nazis de los que no tenemos información–, la promoción de un proceso era un objetivo importante. more...

Fall 2007 SHALOM magazine


  Man könnte sich kaum einen idyllischeren Ort für ein derart dramatisches Treffen vorstellen. Die reizende Kaffeestube befindet sich in einem Holzhäuschen auf einem Kai, das im australischen Perth („die abgelegenste Stadt der Welt”) in den ruhigen Swan River hinausragt. Hier warte ich auf eine Begegnung, die mich mit Unbehagen erfüllt. more...

Fall 2007 shalom-magazine.com
Par le Dr Efraïm Zuroff

  Difficile à imaginer un cadre plus paisible pour une rencontre aussi tendue. C’est dans un charmant café en bois sur une jetée donnant sur la rivière Swan, à Perth (en Australie, «la ville la plus isolée du monde») que devait avoir lieu cette entrevue appréhendée. more...

Fall 2007 shalom-magazine.com
  Zentai case
  It would be hard to imagine a more tranquil site for such a dramatic meeting. In a lovely wooden coffeehouse on a dock jutting out into the placid Swan River in Perth, Australia (“the most isolated city in the world”), I awaited an encounter that I did not relish more...

28.09.2007 thejc.com
  Why the expert witness will not face scrutiny
  Several weeks ago, Israel received a request from Lithuania for judicial assistance which aroused the ire of the Israeli Justice Ministry. A Jewish Israeli citizen was suspected of committing war crimes and/or crimes against humanity during World War Two. more...

"EFRAIM ZUROFF: voitlus kommunismikuritegudega pole minu mission”
(EFRAIM ZUROFF:Fighting Communist crimes is not my mission)
Eesti Paevaleht Online
Dr. Efraim Zuroff

In his op-ed in yesterday's Eesti Paevaleht, Heiki Suurkask raised a very serious charge against me and made two additional accusations. He claimed that I have no empathy with the victims of Communism, that I believe in collective guilt and that I did not submit any evidence of crimes against humanity committed by Harry Mannil and Michael Gorshkow to back up my call for their prosecution by Estonia. more...

6.09.2007 epl.ee
EFRAIM ZUROFF: võitlus kommunismikuritegudega pole minu missioon

Tavaliselt võtaksin ma sellist kriitikat väga tõsiselt, kuid ma pean tunnistama, et esimene süüdistus pani mind naerma oma iroonilise ajastuse tõttu. Täpselt samal päeval, mil Suurkask avalikult süüdistas mind selles, et mul pole kaastunnet kommunismiohvrite vastu, veetsin ma enamiku oma hommikust, tegeldes delegatsiooniga Rumeenia kommunismikuritegude uurimise instituudist, kes valmistab ette kohalike kommunistlike kurjategijate süüdistusi. more...

summer 2007  



Comment: Facing up to decades of neglect towards Holocaust survivors

  It would be hard to imagine a more just cause than helping needy Israeli Holocaust survivors.
Yet it is only recently, in the wake of protests by local survivors and social activists, that this issue has finally been firmly placed on the national agenda in such a manner that it can no longer be ignored. more...

11.07. 2007 Globus

"An Open Letter to Marko Perkovic"


I am probably the last person you were expecting to hear from these days, but in the wake of the controversy and polemics surrounding your recent concert in Maksimir Stadium, I thought that the best way to clarify the important issues being debated would be to turn to you directly. Before I pose my questions, I have to admit that you have inspired the love and support of Croatians all over the world, many of whom have rushed to defend you against my criticism. more..., Croatian text 1 Croatian text 2

30.06. 2007 " La Nacion" [Costa Rica]

"Half-truths and distortions of facts"


Harry Mannil presented the readers of La Nacion with a very rosy picture of his biography, one designed to convince readers that he truly was “an honorable businessman.” Unfortunately, Mannil’s version of his life is full of half-truths and distortions of the facts that he does not want Costa Ricans to know. more...

30.06. 2007 nacion.com

Medias verdades y distorsiones de hechos


Harry Mannil ha presentado a los lectores de La Nación una visión muy halagüeña de su biografía, una que podría convencer a los lectores de que era realmente un honrado empresario. Por desgracia, la versión que Mannil ofrece de su vida está llena de medias verdades y distorsiones de hechos que no quiere que los costarricenses conozcan. more...

25.06. 2007 jpost.com

Ustashe rock n' roll


Last week I was reminded once again that history does not have to repeat itself exactly to send some very nasty reminders of the past. On May 26, 1941, shortly after the fall of Yugoslavia to the Nazis and the subsequent establishment of the "Independent State of Croatia" (NDH) under the rule of the local fascist movement, the Ustashe, hundreds of students were ordered to carry out exercises at Maksimir Stadium, the largest in Croatia and the current home of soccer powerhouse Dynamo Zagreb. more...

1.05. 2007 jpost.com

The struggle over Estonia's history


Last weekend's large-scale riots in Estonia in which one demonstrator was killed, over 100 people were injured, and more than 1,000 detained in response to the government's decision to remove a Soviet-era monument commemorating the victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany from downtown Tallinn to a remote location, were hardly surprising. more...

16. 04. 2007 MEINUNG

Ein Blick nach Tyrol


Warumhaben österreichische Geschichtslehrer mit einem gesunden Empfinden für Gerechtigkeit und Moral Angst davor, ihren legitimen Protest öffentlich zumachen, wenn ein ehemaliger Nazi geehrt wird? more...

Spring 2007 SHALOM magazine


  Wahrscheinlich ahnte A.M. nicht im Entferntesten, dass seine gute Tat letztendlich die Entlarvung eines der wichtigsten noch unbestraften Nazi- Kriegsverbrecher der Welt ermöglichen würde, doch dies haben gute Taten oft so an sich. more...

spring 2007 shalom-magazine.com
Par le Dr Efraïm Zuroff
  A.M. n’avait sûrement pas la moindre idée des conséquences liées à sa bonne action; il ne pouvait se douter qu’elle permettrait de démasquer un des plus importants criminels de guerre nazis du monde. more...

spring 2007 SHALOM magazine
The Kepiro Affair
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
I very much doubt whether A.M. had the slightest idea that his good deed would ultimately enable the exposure of one of the most important unpunished Nazi war criminals in the world, but that is often the nature of good deeds. In his case it was the sheer chutzpa of a social acquaintance in Scotland, an elderly Hungarian who bragged about his role as a master-sergeant of the Hungarian gendarmerie in the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz, that prompted his email in February 2005 to the general information address of the Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. more...


Analysis: A distinct phenomenon and a new challenge
Dr. Efraim Zuroff

A decision anywhere in the world to establish a Nazi party, complete with the standard swastika symbol, would obviously be cause for grave concern and immediate protest. To ignore such a phenomenon would be unthinkable.
But Wednesday's announcement that a group of Taiwanese students, headed by one Chao Lan, has established a Nazi party in Taiwan poses a different problem than would be presented if an ostensibly similar political organization were founded in Europe or in North or South America.more...


Message from Novi Sad to Tzipi Livni
Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Last week I traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia to participate in a Holocaust-related memorial. Under normal circumstances, I doubt whether I would have been willing to fly to Belgrade and drive almost 100 kilometers to attend a ceremony, which takes place annually, but this year's event had special significance. more...


Fall 2006

Shalom magazine


Die SHALOM Leserinnen und Leser sind bereits mit der «Operation: Letzte Chance» vertraut, die vom Simon Wiesenthal Center und der Targum Shlishi Foundation gestartet wurde: mit vereinten Kräften sollen Nazi-Kriegsverbrecher vor Gericht gebracht werden, indem eine finanzielle Belohnung für Informationen geboten wird, dank denen die strafrechtliche Verfolgung und Bestrafung ermöglicht wird. more...

Fall 2006 Shalom magazine

Les lecteurs de SHALOM connaissent «l’Opération de la dernière chance» lancée par le Centre Simon Wiesenthal et la Fondation Targum Shlishi, dont l’objectif est de fournir un ultime et intense effort pour traduire les criminels de guerre nazis en justice, en offrant une rétribution financière pour toute information pouvant mener à l’action judiciaire et à la condamnation. more...

Why was David Irving let out of jail?
Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Anyone who doubted the wisdom of releasing British anti-Semite David Irving from an Austrian jail and converting the remaining two years of his original sentence for Holocaust denial to probation did not have to wait very long for proof that last week's decision by a judge in Vienna, coming in the immediate aftermath of the "denial festival" in Teheran, was at best hopelessly na ve, and at worst outrageous. more...

Dec. 5, 2006 JTA (JERUSALEM)
  Ethnic hostilities prevent truth from being told about Jasenovac
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  It would be hard to imagine a more stark contrast than the scenes I saw last week on the two banks of the Sava River, both part of the site of the Jasenovac concentration camp, on the territory of former Yugoslavia.
On the northern bank, which today is part of the Republic of Croatia, an impressive ceremony was held with the president, prime minister, speaker of the Parliament and hundreds of guests in attendance to dedicate a spanking new, modern, state of the art historical museum and learning center. more..

Dec. 1, 2006 GLOBUS (CROATIA)

"I'm Disappointed With Jasenovac, But Even More With the Speech by Seks"
Dr. Efraim Zuroff


I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about coming to Jasenovac this week. It was going to be my fourth visit to the site so it was not a question of seeing this terrible place for the first time, but rather it was the occasion. This time there were very high stakes. The creation of a permanent historical exhibition was a difficult challenge with incredibly important potential. Anyone acquainted with the complex history of ex-Yugoslavia instinctively understands the problems facing such a project. more..

Nov. 6, 2006 The Jerusalem Post
  To be a Jew in Denmark
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  It was Marcellus who asserted in the play Hamlet that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark," but one does not need the acumen of Shakespeare to discern that things have changed for the worse in the country that was once a symbol of European philo-Semitism. more..

October 30, 2006 The Jerusalem Report
  A Final Opportunity for Justice
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  The hunt began when information reached us in February 2005 about Istvan Bujdoso, an elderly Hungarian living in Scotland who had bragged about his role as a master-sergeant of the Hungarian gendarmerie in the deportation of Jews from Miskolc to Auschwitz. As it turned out, it was Bujdoso’s apparently irrepressible urge to talk about that “heroic” period of his life that ultimately paved the way for the discovery of a far senior colleague. more..

September 2006 Shalom
  Last Chance in Warsaw ?
Dr. Efraim Zuroff

Readers of SHALOM are already acquainted with “Operation: Last Chance,” which was launched by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Targum Shlishi Foundation to maximize the efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice by offering financial rewards for information which would facilitate prosecution and punishment. more..

August 2006 Simon Wiesenthal Center – Israel
  Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals
Dr. Efraim Zuroff


  When remembrance fails
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  Since 2000 anti-Semitism in Western Europe - and the Muslim world - has virtually monopolized the agendas of the Jewish defense agencies, but recent events in Poland, Croatia, Lithuania and Romania seem to indicate that we should start paying more attention to what is happening in Eastern Europe. more..

Spring 2006 Shalom
  Zu spät?
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  Nicht selten bewirkt die Pensionierung oder der Tod eines Menschen, der mit seiner Person für eine Sache steht, dass man dem von ihm geführten Kampf in den Augen der Öffentlichkeit ab sofort jede Existenzberechtigung abspricht. more..

Spring 2006 Shalom
  Trop tard?
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  Souvent, lorsque quelqu'un personnifiant une cause prend sa retraite ou décède, sa disparition est perçue par le grand public comme la fin de la raison d'être de ce combat. Toute forme d'action y étant relative devrait par conséquent être définitivement terminée. more..

18.04.2006 Ynet
  Plea for Jewish action in Darfur
One of the important lessons of the Holocaust is not to stand by idly when others are facing genocide
Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Edah
  It is fair to assume that it is not by accident that the "Save Darfur" rally planned for this coming week, April 30th, in Washington was scheduled in close proximity (five days apart) to Yom Hashoa. We can also expect the Holocaust to be invoked forcefully by those presenting the case for urgent action to end the mass murders being carried out in Sudan. Such a link is only natural given the fact that ever since the end of World War II, when its true scope was revealed, the Holocaust has become the unofficial yardstick for large-scale man-made tragedies. more..

17.04.2006 Jerusalem Report
  Across the Divide
Efraim Zuroff
  From the outset it was clear that this was not going to be an easy encounter. The Steiner siblings had learned that I would be in Perth and was planning to sit in on the opening session of the appeal launched by their father against his extradition to his native Hungary to face charges that he had committed murder during the Holocaust. more..

  Victims or perpetrators?
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  In the Holocaust, the majority of victims were annihilated through a process of industrialized mass murder, making it often difficult to ascribe personal responsibility to an individual murderer. Given the fact that most of the victims were identified, robbed of their possessions, concentrated and deported from their homes to distant death camps - where they were annihilated by a complex system especially established to facilitate their exploitation and extermination - responsibility for the murders is diffuse and shared by many participants. more..

  Latvia, then and now
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff<
  An official visit by a foreign head of state is always a good opportunity to assess the bilateral relations between Israel and the guest's country. This is particularly important when the visiting president comes from post-Communist Europe or, as in this case, from the former Soviet Union's Baltic republics. more..


1.12.2005 w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
  The value of laws against Holocaust denial
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  With his arrest in Austria two weeks ago for having denied the Holocaust in 1989, David Irving has once again proved that he is undoubtedly the denial industry's most high-profile and therefore dangerous activist. While the imprisonment, deportation and trial of fellow-denier Ernst Zundel (of German origin, but a resident of Canada for decades), who is facing a stiff prison term in Germany, merited scant attention in the international media, every minor development regarding Irving's incarceration in Vienna has been reported on at length, and his case has aroused a serious debate on the sagacity of the laws prohibiting Holocaust denial. more..

  Simon Wiesenthal: Holocaust survivor who devoted the rest of his life to pursuing Nazi war criminals
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  One of the most famous survivors of the Holocaust, Simon Wiesenthal became over the years the personification of the efforts to hunt Nazi war criminals. At the same time, he deserves much of the credit for preserving the memory of the Nazis' victims, especially during the years immediately after the end of the Second World War. more..

  'His legacy is justice'
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  The word that most obviously comes to mind when discussing Simon Wiesenthal's legacy is justice.

Wiesenthal has led the effort not only to track down but to bring to justice Nazi war criminals, and in the process has become the embodiment and personification of that lofty cause.more..

August 2005 Simon Wiesenthal Center – Israel

Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals
Dr. Efraim Zuroff


  The Mass Murderer As Hero
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  In Soviet times, downtown Riga was dominated by two statues. One was the Freedom Monument, a national shrine affectionally called "Milda," built to commemorate the struggle for Latvian independence (first achieved in 1918) and the other was a large figure of Lenin, a stark reminder of the political reality of those days. Symbolically, the former monument faced the West, the source of hope for renewed Latvian independence, and the latter faced Moscow. They were back to back, underscoring the total contradiction between the values they represented. more..

  Welcome to Israel, Prime Minister Sanader
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  The visit of Ivo Sanader, the first by a serving Croatian prime minister to Israel, is a milestone in the rapidly-improving bilateral ties between the two countries, and an encouraging sign that Croats and Jews have opened a new page in their relations following the tribulations of the past century. more..

7.06.2005 Diena
  Herberts Cukurs. Noteikti vainigs
Sdr. Efraims Zurofs, Simona Vizentala centra Izraelas biroja direktors
  Ikvienam, kurš mekle parliecinošus pieradijumus tam, ka ir pareizak nacistiskos kara noziedzniekus tiesat, nevis sodit ar navi bez tiesas sprieduma, tikai jaiepazistas ar notikumiem attieciba uz Herbertu Cukuru pagajuša gada laika Latvija. more..

Spring 2005 Justice
  Can Nazi War Criminals Be
Prosecuted in the 21st Century?

By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  The recent memorial ceremonies held at Auschwitz and at the United Nations in late January 2005 to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the largest of the Nazi death camps, with the participation of numerous heads of state and leading dignitaries, reinforced the growing perception that over the past half-century, the Holocaust has become the ultimate paradigm of modern genocide. more....

Spring 5765/2005 SHALOM; The European Jewish Times
  “Operation: Last Chance”
By Dr. Efraim Zuroff
  During the last week in January 2005, two significant but ostensibly contradictory events regarding the Holocaust took place in Berlin. On January 26, the Simon Wiesenthal Center launched “Operation: Last Chance,” which offers financial rewards of up to 10,000 euros for information leading to the prosecution and punishment of Nazi war criminals, at a press conference at the Bundestag and on the next day Germany marked the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in an official state ceremony in the same building. more....

Spring 5765/2005 Jewish Political Studies Review
Eastern Europe: Anti-Semitism in the Wake of Holocaust-Related Issues
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
While the study of the Holocaust and its historical lessons has traditionally been considered in the Western world as one of the most effective means of combating anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, in post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe Holocaust-related issues have been a major cause of anti-Semitic incidents and growing animus against Jews. more...


September 30, 2004 Jurnalul National
A Campaign to Reveal the Holocaust in Romania
Dr. Efraim Zuroff
This text appeared in interview form under the title: “Campania de demascare a Holocaustului in Romania,”(A Campaign to Reveal the Holocaust in Romania), Jurnalul National, September 30, 2004, Dr. Efraim Zuroff.

Slightly more than a year ago, the Simon Wiesenthal Center launched “Operation: Last Chance” in Romania at a press conference hosted by the Federation of Romanian Jewish Communities in Bucharest. Romania was the fifth country in which the project was initiated. It was started in July 2002 in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and was expanded in the fall of 2003 to Poland, Romania and Austria. more...

August 2004 Simon Wiesenthal Center – Israel
  Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals
Dr. Efraim Zuroff


July 24, 2004  
The director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center comments on the Croatian reaction to “Operation:Last Chance”
Slobodna Dalmacija
It is a well-known psychological phenomenon that the more threatened someone feels, the more likely he or she is to make threats or even violently attack the individual or group that they perceive as responsible for ostensibly endangering them. Thus I was hardly surprised to learn that at the end of last week, a letter from the so-called “Anti-Jewish Movement” which was sent to Zoran Pusic, president of the Civic Committee for Human Rights which is the local partner of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in our “Operation: Last Chance” project, threatened to start murdering Croatian Jews if a single Croat is put in prison because of “sick Jewish ideas.” In fact, these were not the first threats which Zoran Pusic and I have received since launching “Operation: Last Chance” in Zagreb on June 30. Quite a few threatening phone calls have already been received on our infoline (01-617-1530 or 091-579-9020), practically from the very first days, including express threats of violence against us and assorted anti-Semitic epithets. more...


June 25.2004  
Gazeta Wyborcza
by Dr. Efraim Zuroff
Judging from the impassioned negative responses by prominent Polish public figures to the launching this week of the "Operation:Last Chance"(O:LC) infoline in Warsaw, one can only wonder why the efforts to bring local Nazi war criminals to justice in Poland have aroused such antagonism among the very people whom one would have expected to be their most ardent supporters. If former Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek, whose father was murdered in Auschwitz, reacts with "disgust and anxiety," and former dissident and Gazeta Wyborcza editor Adam Michnik describes the project as dangerous and former Foreign Minister and Righteous Among the Nations Wladyslaw Bartoszewski says that such an operation is worthless, my conclusion is that either the Polish public is suffering from a severe case of misinformation regarding O:LC's goals and methods, or there is something much deeper behind this opposition. more...


11.07.2003 Special To The Jewish Week
What Did You Do After The War, Dad?
Aryeh Rubin
In early September, I embarked on a trip to Poland, Romania and Austria to announce the launch of Operation Last Chance: Rewards for Justice in those countries. Operation Last Chance offers a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Nazi war criminals.

The program, initiated in 2002, was conceived and is funded by my nonprofit foundation Targum Shlishi in partnership with the Israel office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which administers the program. Dr. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, and I have been asked repeatedly: What is the purpose of pursuing Nazi war criminals 58 years after the war? After all, these criminals are old and frail. We, the Jewish people, have more daunting and immediate issues with which to deal. Why bother? more...

August 2003 Simon Wiesenthal Center – Israel
Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals
Dr. Efraim Zuroff