Jewish Population prior to the Holocaust 1939 – 4,500
1941 – 1,000
Jews murdered in the Holocaust 990
Operation Last Chance Launched July 10, 2002 in Tallinn

Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Decision to Remove Two Offensive Videos from Holocaust Exhibition in Tartu, Estonia Art Museum
February 12, 2015 (PR)

Wiesenthal CenterProtests Scandalous Exhibition Mocking Holocaust in Tartu, Estonia Art Museum
February 9, 2015 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Denounces “Sick” Humor Which Insults Holocaust Victims In Leading Estonian News Weekly Eesti Ekspress
September 9, 2012 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: Closure of Case Against Suspected Nazi Gorshkow Typical of Estonian Failure To Hold Local Holocaust Perpetrators Accountable
October 25, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: “Celebration” Today By Union of Estonian Soldiers of Anniversary of Nazi Invasion Is Distortion of European History and Painful Affront To Estonian Holocaust Victims
July 8, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: Death of Harry Mannil, Unprosecuted Estonian Nazi Collaborator, Is A Sad Day for Holocaust Justice
January 12, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Baltic Campaign to Equate Communism and Nazism; Calls for International Effort to Thwart Initiatives That Distort Holocaust History
July 13, 2009 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center's 2007 Annual Report on Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals Notes Continued Failure of Estonia to Take Legal Action Against Holocaust Perpetrators
September 3, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Criticizes Glorification by Estonia of its Support for Nazi Germany During World War II
August 8, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: Removal by Estonian Government of Soviet-Era Memorial From City Center Reflects Lack of Sensitivity to Nazi Crimes and Insults Their Victims
April 30, 2007 (PR)

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