Jewish population prior to the Holocaust 445,000 (1938)
725,000 (1941)
769,000 (1944)
Jews murdered in the Holocaust 564,500
Operation Last Chance Launched July 13, 2004 in Budapest

Wiesenthal Center Urges Hungarians to Prosecute an Organizer of the Novi Sad Massacre of Janury 1942 at Annual Memorial for Victims
January 22, 2009 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Welcomes Serbian Decision to Seek Extradition of Three Nazi War Criminals
September 15, 2008 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Urges Hungary To Prosecute Kepiro At Novi Sad Memorial For Victims of January 1942 Massacre
January 21, 2008 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Urges Australian Authorities to Expedite Extradition Proceedings Against Holocaust Perpetrator
May 30, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center’s Chief Nazi-Hunter Calls Upon Hungarian Government to Expedite Prosecution of Local Nazi War Criminals in Budapest Ceremony
April 15, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Decision By Budapest Municipal Court Not To Implement Jail Sentence Of Convicted But Hereto Unpunished Hungarian War Criminal Dr. Sandor Kepiro
March 1, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Demands Investigation by Hungarian Foreign Ministry of Role of Diplomats in Protecting Unpunished Nazi War Criminal Sandor Képiró
February 1, 2007 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Calls Upon Hungarian Government to Immediately Arrest Prominent Convicted War Criminal Living Unpunished in Budapest
September 28, 2006 (PR)

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