Jewish population prior to the Holocaust 168,000 (1939)
220,000 (1941)
Jews murdered in the Holocaust 212,000
Operation Last Chance Launched July 8, 2002 in Vilnius

Wiesenthal Center Calls For Prompt Action To Apprehend and Prosecute Perpetrators of Yesterday’s Attack on Kaunas, Lithuania Site of Holocaust Mass Murder
April 12, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Acquittal of Holocaust Denier Petras Stankeras
March 6, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Criticizes Decision of Vilnius Municipality To Approve Neo-Nazi March In Center of Lithuanian Capital
February 17, 2011 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Praises Decision by European Commission to Reject Double-Genocide Law As Milestone in Critical Struggle Against the Rewriting of the History of the Holocaust
December 22, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Calls for Prosecution of Senior Lithuanian Ministry of Interior Specialist Who Denied the Holocaust; Zuroff: Government-Sponsored Holocaust Distortion Paves the Way for Denial
November 25, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Harshly Criticizes Anti-Semitic Remarks of Lithuanian Foreign Minister
October 18, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Calls for Boycott of Newly-Formed “Litvak Forum”
July 19, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center: Yesterday’s Decision by Lithuanian Court to Allow Swastikas is Outrageous Insult to Holocaust Survivors and All Anti-Fascists
May 20, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Lauds Criticism by Norwegian Ambassador Gil of Recent Neo-Nazi March In Vilnius
March 22, 2010 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Blasts Baltic Campaign to Equate Communism and Nazism; Calls for International Effort to Thwart Initiatives That Distort Holocaust History
July 13, 2009 (PR)

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