Wiesenthal Center Harshly Criticizes The German Association of Internists: “SS Doctor Sewering Does Not Deserve To Be Honored But Should Be Brought To Justice”

Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center of Jerusalem today called upon the German Association of Internists (Bundesverband Deutscher Internisten – BDI), to withdraw the medal it recently awarded to Dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering, who was an active participant in the Nazis’ infamous euthanasia program which resulted in the mass murder of at least 100,000 chronically ill, handicapped, and mentally ill civilians.

For years, the Center has been urging the German authorities to prosecute Sewering for his role in killing patients of the Schoenbrunn Hospital as part of the Nazis’ euthanasia program.

In a statement issued today in Jerusalem by its chief Nazi-hunter, Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center accused Sewering of lying about his role in the murders and his claim that he did not know what fate awaited his patients.

According to Zuroff:

“In view of the fact that the nurses working with Dr. Sewering knew that the patients sent to the killing center at Eglfing-Haar would very likely be murdered, it is virtually impossible that he had no idea of the fate awaiting them. The honor recently bestowed upon him by the Association of German Internists is an insult to his victims and their families, and is incomprehensible in the light of his record. How can a doctor who sent innocent patients to their death be honored for his medical achievements?”

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