Wiesenthal Center Israel Director Among Leaders of Protest Against March of Latvian SS Veterans and Hundreds of Supporters

Riga, Latvia – The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel Director and chief Nazi hunter, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, was among the leaders of a demonstration held here today by dozens of protesters from Latvia and abroad against the annual march of Latvian SS veterans and hundreds of their supporters in the center of the capital. In numerous interviews to the international and local media, Zuroff explained the Center’s opposition to the march, which glorifies those who fought for the victory of the Third Reich, the most genocidal regime in human history.

According to Zuroff:

  1. “Contrary to the claims of the marchers, who present the SS veterans as fighters for Latvian freedom, the Nazis had absolutely no intention of granting the Baltic countries independence.
  2. “Although these units played no role in Holocaust crimes, many of those who served in them actively participated in the mass murder of Latvian Jewry and of foreign Jews deported to Latvia prior to their joining the Waffen-SS.
  3. “Glorifying such persons is an insult to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, and a total distortion of the accurate narrative of World War II.
  4. “We welcome the steps taken by the Latvian government against the minister who indicated his intention to participate in the march.”

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