Wiesenthal Center Urges Polish Government to Reconsider Controversial Legislation Regarding Holocaust History Recently Passed by Polish Parliament

Jerusalem – The Simon Wiesenthal Center today urged the Polish authorities to reconsider the highly-controversial law regarding Holocaust history which was passed in the Sejm (Polish parliament) this past Friday. In a statement issued here today by its Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper and its Director of Eastern European Affairs Holocaust historian Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center harshly criticized the provision of the bill which makes any mention of Polish complicity in Holocaust crimes a criminal offense, while accepting the historically-accurate demand to refrain from use of the term “Polish death camps.”

According to Cooper and Zuroff:

“While we agree that the use of the term ‘Polish death camps’ is a dangerous and harmful distortion of the history of the Holocaust, we cannot accept any attempt to whitewash the crimes committed in Poland, or in any other country, against Jews during the Holocaust. While the Polish state no longer existed, many thousands of individual Poles either murdered Jews or informed on them to the Nazis, a phenomenon which has been extensively documented by reputable Polish historians. In addition, there were cases in which Jews seeking to escape the Nazis were murdered by members of the Armia Krajowa, the nationalist underground which was the military arm of the Polish government-in-exile in London. Any attempt to whitewash such crimes is totally unacceptable and an unbearable insult to the victims of the Nazis.”

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