Wiesenthal Center Urges Hungarian and Australian Authorities to Expedite Investigation of Suspected Hungarian Nazi War Criminal living in Perth, Australia Discovered by “Operation: Last Chance”
January 16, 2005 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center’s “Operation: Last Chance” Public Ad Campaign Wins Silver Medal in Romania
December 6, 2004 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Urges Croatia to Take Legal Action Against Escaped Croatian Nazi War Criminal Milivoj Asner Discovered Living in Austria; Grants First Reward of “Operation: Last Chance” Project
November 18, 2004 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Protests Refusal of Polish Daily “Fakt” to Publish Ad for “Operation: Last Chance” Infoline in Warsaw
October 13, 2004 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Rejects Claim of Illegality of “Operation: Last Chance” in Hungary
July 22, 2004 (PR)

“Operation: Last Chance” to Continue in Croatia Despite Death Threats to Organizers and Public Figures
July 22, 2004 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center Lunches “Operation: Last Chance” in Hungary, Argentina and Germany to Follow
July 13, 2004 (PR)

Croatian President Mesic Expresses Fullest Support For Wiesenthal Center's "Operation: Last Chance" Upon Its Launch Today In Zagreb
June 30, 2004 (PR)

Simon Wiesenthal Center and Targum Shlishi Foundation launch "Operation: Last Chance" in Croatia and issue urgent call to bring Ustaša police chief of Slavonska Požega to justice
June 30, 2004 (PR)

Wiesenthal Center rejects criticism of “Operation: Last Chance” infoline in Poland; stresses urgency of project in that country
June 25, 2004 (PR)

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